Midfielder “Dawn” Ihor Kharatin commented predomi match of the 11th round against Dynamo Kiev.

– With the flight from Spain, three days to prepare for the match with “Dinamo” will be enough?

– I think so. We immediately after arrival passed the recovery procedure, have a rest, so I believe that “dawn” will come to the game in full combat readiness.

On Sunday you were again waiting for the Europa League match?

– You can say so. Will meet two team in the group stage of the tournament. I think that the game should get interesting.

I would very much like to see a large number of spectators in the stands to feel at home.

– What quality at “Dynamo” is now the most powerful?

– Team game. While in Kiev all top performers. So what we have is not easier than the match against athletic. But we expect this meeting and believe in their victory.

– Watched the battle of the blue and white against Partizan?

Yes. Interesting game turned out. The Dynamo showed character and pulled out, it seemed hopeless match. They are great, I congratulate them on their victory.

– With the “Dynamo”, which was in the second half of the match, Serbian, coping will be hard?

– With “Dynamo” in any case will be difficult. But our coaches, I’m sure, will find ways to surprise the enemy. The Kiev match in Belgrade was a good tool for the analysis of the game. Most importantly, we, the players, were able to implement the ideas of the mentors on the field.

– Considering the position in “Dawn”, you now is highly undesirable to lose points?

– Absolutely. For us now every game as the last, so “Dynamo” we will not take.