The midfielder of SC “Odessa”, “Veres” and “Dnepr” in the 1990s, Igor, Kharkovschenko commented on the events of the ninth round of the championship of Ukraine.

– Which of the matches of the 9th round you would refer to the category of major surprises?

– Of course, “Chernomorets” – “the miner”. First of all, because in this match teams from different poles of the standings.

The Odessa team still is in last place, and Donetsk at the time of meeting was located on the ground. To play with such a formidable opponent a draw and look decent – it’s worth it.

– Improvements in the game, “Chernomorets” after coming to the coaching of Oleg Dulub noticed by many. What you would in the first place?

– The organization. It I was not surprised, as Dulub is a good coach. And he’s proved during his work in “the Carpathians”. Since his arrival in “Chernomorets” there has been a qualitative improvement in games, and all saw it. You saw that in the match with “Shakhtar” the Odessa team played five defenders, indicating that the variation of tactical schemes. It is clear that to open up the game with the miners is a risky business. For this you need to have individually strong performers. A draw in Sunday’s match showed that the strategy was chosen correctly – that brought a positive result.

I also note the invitation by Oleg golubom team of qualified goalkeeper – his countryman Aliaksandr Hutar. In the match with Shakhtar, he performed miracles, repeatedly bailing out his team from serious trouble. And did it calmly and confidently. You could even say that the actions provided Chornomorets, resoution. No doubt, the Belarusian goalkeeper was the best player in the last round.

– Do not make the loss of points in the game with the “seafarers” Paulo Fonseca to reconsider their attitude to the variation of the composition?

– Shakhtar have the opportunity to shuffle the lineup, because they have enough top class players in and a spare. Fonseca will have to do it always as speaking on several fronts, it is necessary to do so to the players out on the field fresh. Play the same in the domestic arena and in Europe with one the impossible. And whether, if there is a equivalent replacement? It is clear that sometimes it can appear on results in the championship. But you need to sacrifice something and give people the opportunity to relax. By the way, we see other teams that after the European Cup matches is often a problem in the domestic arena.

In contrast to Shakhtar, another Grand – Dynamo without personnel losses. How difficult was the team of Alexander Khatskevich win over a strong “Olympic”?

– In the matches with Dynamo’s “Olympic” is always about, and very serious. However, as in the games with Shakhtar, who last season took points three times. “Olympic” – coordinated and organized team, able to resist. I think that at the top of the table, it is not a coincidence. As for my prediction for this match, at first I even thought that the Donetsk team are capable and a draw “catch”.

– The absence of Dynamo player of the calibre of Andriy Yarmolenko could affect the outcome of the fight for the championship?

– (After a pause). Good question. I can say that for Dynamo, Yarmolenko was a very important figure in Borussia Dortmund became the capital club decent staff loss. Through the right-wing has organized many attacks, and in the final stage of this player was always in sight. It is hoped that the Kyiv team will be able to rebuild and leadership will take on other players. In this issue, much depends on the head coach and his skills.

– “Mariupol” has fully justified your prediction, taking precedence over the “Star” with the score 1:0. Maybe the future of both teams in this championship will venture to predict?

– Oh, and I do not like these predictions… Knowing mentor “Mariupol”, there is no doubt that he will not allow the team to relax and she in each round will fight for every point. Oleksandr Sevidov is a coach with character and good ambitions. As for “Stars”, this team is determined to take the points and will do everything possible for that.

– Probably not mistaken in assuming that to date, the greatest surprise for you is the confident play of “Veres”. What, in your opinion, the power of the Rivne team?

– In unity. Coming out of the first League and strengthening the ranks of skilled players, the team took off and immediately began to show results. The players of “Veres” friendly, on the field, they look like one powerful fist. Is to pay tribute and Yuriy Virt, who managed not only to unite all the players, but also skillfully convey each of them his vision of football. The current “Veres” strong team play, hence the result.

– Failures in the tournament “Dawn” – a temporary phenomenon?

– I think so. Encountered was in Luhansk problems – not for long. Knowing Yuri Vernidub as a skilled technician, there is no doubt that gray streak his team Blowjob. Everyone knows how impressive was in the summer losses, “Dawn.” She left a lot of people, who came to replace them instantly fit in with the game the new team failed. But most of joined the ranks of the Luhansk club – young players who don’t have the necessary experience. New players Zorya gradually lapped each other, and in the Premier League does not get lost. With each round, Luhansk will be added.

– Will Karpaty once again to improve their standings, not to put yourself at risk of parting with the Premier League?

All know the President “the Carpathians” and his ambitions. Sure, he in any case will not allow this team to relax. The players will find strength in order to avoid tournament problems. Karpaty will be able to score points and catch up in the first round.

– How to assess the prospects of “Alexandria” has won a long-awaited victory?

– First of all, I want to congratulate Volodymyr Sharan happy birthday. Well, with a win, of course. His players made him a great gift, with a big score outplayed “Steel”. “Alexandria” – a good team that impresses with its game. There was a period when the Alexandrians came into some pit – it happens each team. I don’t see anything wrong, after all, in football this happens often. In the last round Alexandria scored three points, which allowed her to improve in the standings.

Vyacheslav KULCHITSKIY, Sport-Ekspress in Ukraine