The former commander of the US ground forces in Europe, us Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said that the next target of Russia is Kiev.

However, according to the former head of the foreign intelligence Service, army General of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh, such a scenario is unlikely because it will end in failure for Vladimir Putin. About this Malomuzh said “Apostrophe”.

The Russians ‘ attack on Odessa is unlikely, because now generated defensive, the public sphere of interaction along with security policies to such scenarios was not.

And, most importantly, it is the international forces who today will firmly resist the aggressive plans of the Kremlin. Recently I was talking to security officers and heads of the relevant departments of the United States, European countries, China, Japan and even Australia, they all say they will resist the aggressive intentions of Russia.

Lieutenant-General Ben Hodges

Regarding the strategy of Russia, it will be a failure. If Putin decides to attack Odessa – this triggers a global confrontation with NATO and the EU. This is exactly the kind of confrontation that could lead to global war. So it’s unlikely.

On the other hand, it can be used for political purposes to escalate the situation. But such a scenario (the Kremlin) has very little chance.

Why do Americans say about Odessa? The fact that the military has its own specifics, and the threat is a little exaggerated. That’s why they say about such a scenario. Of course, any chance is there but very low.

I personally know General Hodges – he takes such a position: it is necessary to speak in order to prevent possible enemy action. And for this it is necessary to use all mechanisms, including diplomatic, political, economic, and then military. Don’t all rely only on the military sector because it is fundamentally wrong and leads to confrontation – cold and hot war.

By the way, the world leaders plan to unite to form a new world order based on peace, based on global interests and critical issues of each country, including security threats. For example, there was the Helsinki agreement. Now it is necessary to develop an appropriate model of security, geopolitical and regional circumstances.

In General, to understand Putin’s intentions, it is necessary to more deeply look at the political processes in Ukraine. It is against the background of presidential and parliamentary elections can be different scenarios in support of individual forces form a very powerful block in the Parliament, and the like.

Russia may hold some local shares to affect some regions and destabilize the situation.

But the global military map of the Kremlin will not play.

Previously, we reported that soldiers of the APU from the same of the 54th brigade in the Donbas with one shot of the ATGM “Le Corsaire” turned to ashes VOP Russian occupation troops.