Well-known Russian economist and expert Stepan Demura
stated, said that he had for the Russian authorities is bad news. At
to him, between Saudi Arabia and the United States reached
the agreement, according to which from 6 months to a year the price of oil will
to stay in the area of $ 20.

About this demur said in an interview profile
energy publishing Oilexp.ru.

According to him, the situation goes beyond a simple
economy and applies to geopolitics: the United States is trying to weaken
Russia, which behaves unpredictably in the market of oil production.

“I unpleasant for our government news:
there is an agreement between the US and Saudis from 6 months to a year to keep the price of
oil near $ 20. Here it comes in geopolitics. States such
will try to get rid of their unmanageable player in the oil market in
the face of Russia”
, – he said in an interview.

According to Demur due to the weakening of Russia through
oil Moscow lose the main source of funding that allows it
to Finance their foreign policy initiatives.

Any chances of high oil prices
the expert said no.

“Our budget to a balanced budget is necessary 42,4
dollar. In the average year, the United States with the Saudis, as has been said, will keep
the price of oil to $ 20 or even lower”
, – he stressed.

Earlier it was reported that Russia, despite the agreement on production cuts within OPEC+, can go to violations, and arranging the machinations of the ranges will cheat on their partners. Such an assumption made by experts.

Company of Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco in the coming days will deliver to Minsk the first batch of oil. It is noted that the Saudis take the nearest market in Russia.