In the Presnensky district court in Moscow ended the 11th day of hearings on the case of Alexander Kokorin, his younger brother Kirill, Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Pratasavickaja. At this time questioned the accused themselves, as well as Alain Shinkareva, which in that day was in the company of players. Midfielder “Krasnodar” was told, which sparked the conflict with driver Vitaly Solovchuk, and the striker of “Zenith” admitted why hit the chair head of the Department of industry and trade Denis Pack.

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“He ran to the girl and said Kokorin was named the cock”

The main event of the next meeting of the Presnensky court in the case of Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev was supposed to be questioning the players themselves accused of hooliganism and beating. But before they got the word, heard the testimony of another witness. Being in their company Alena shinkareva made for video conferencing and answered questions about the beating Vitali Solovchuk and Dennis Pack.

The girl admitted that they almost didn’t remember details of those events, which her friends were under investigation. Most of the questions of the Prosecutor she was unable to answer. While shinkareva said that from my friends I heard Solovchuk insulted Kokorin and Mamaev, and then saw a fight between them. Detail to see the fight hampered by poor eyesight, but the blood on the driver’s face, the girl remembered.

“It all started with the fact that he ran to the girl and said Kokorin called a rooster. The guys went to the car and started to ask if he’d said that. Can’t remember what the driver said, but then he swung at Mamaev,” said the witness.

Then the girl told what he remembers about the incident in Coffeemania events. According to Shinkareva, Kokorin and Mamaev not behaved provocatively. At one point someone from their company drew attention to the Pack and compared it with the performer PSY. In response, he allegedly insulted young people curse words. Because of this, her friends crowded around him, and then shinkareva heard a crash from a blow with a chair, although the impact is not seen. However, she said that a preliminary conspiracy to attack someone not there, and from the cafe company is gone, having settled the conflict with the officer.

“The situation has flared up like a match”

Before the resumption of the process wife Mamaev, Alan told reporters that her husband was ill in jail. During interrogation, Shinkareva midfielder “Krasnodar” was coughing and was sick in the toilet. He would have to be after the next witness. Player warned the audience that it would be hard to say, but began to answer questions.

The football player of “Krasnodar” told about his sports career, familiarity with Kokorin and his relationship with him, then the lawyer Igor Bushmanov started asking about the events of 7 October. According to Mamaev, the company did not show any aggression after leaving the club. His friend Alexander Pozdnikina by mistake got into the car of Solovchuk, and then the conflict broke out with the driver.

“We came out, ordered the car and waited. Stood near the white Mercedes. I was told that Alexander was near him. I said, “Our car?” Say “No”. I went over and told her to come out. Then she swore, but did not say what happened. Eventually told that the driver called us cocks”, — quotes Mamaev “championship”.


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Then the player tried to ask the driver why he had insulted the young people, and in the course of conversation took him by the chin. In response Solovchuk hit Mamaev, and a fight ensued.

“Did we beat him? No, of course. The situation flared up like a match. We wanted to eat and not to make out with somebody. After I took him by the chin, he stabbed me. He was not the strongest, but hurt. Kokorin is a senior supported me, not allowing to fall. I tried to answer Solovchuk, but missed, and then chased him. At that moment I came for Vitaly, and he fell. Turned around and continued to punch him in the face and body,” admitted Mamaev.

The player of “Krasnodar” said that already apologized to Solovchuk and ready to take on the cost of the treatment. Mamayev has declared that repents and wants to finish the proceedings. However, he denied charges of hooliganism and conspiring.

Next, the athlete answered questions Bushmanova about the events in Coffeemania. He also denied the presence of preliminary collusion and charged with hooliganism. According to him, after the night club company went to the café where at the time almost nobody was there. However, he noticed that due to the fatigue it was difficult to assess what is happening.

After some time in the institution appeared to Pak, but of his coming as the beginning of the brawl, the midfielder did not notice. To his question about what happened, the official said of the attack.

“He was emotionally excited, and reacted to any movement and couldn’t explain. Then the guys said that his side were insults in their address. But I was just standing around, no action against Pak did not commit”, — he said.

The noise began to converge other visitors to Coffeemania, which tried to resolve the conflict. At some point they were joined by General Director of FSUE “NAMI” Sergey Gaisin. He incorrectly interpreted the behavior of Mamayev and tried to pull away.

“We’ve calmed down, stood and talked, and he grabbed me by the scruff of the neck. I applied a palm strike to the face, because I felt the danger from his side. If not Gaisin, nothing would have happened. I admit, the beatings were, for that I apologize to him,” the athlete added.

In addition, Mamaev stressed that perceives the incident as a lesson that he learned. He would like to reconcile with the victim and possibly to correct the situation.

“I will accept any punishment, to put pressure on pity will not. Would like to continue his football career, but it all depends on the verdict. This is my only source of income, I gave him my life,” concluded the midfielder.

The Prosecutor called the defendant to compare the episodes with Solovchuk and Gysin. She insisted that the driver behaved in the same way as Mamaev in Coffeemania, that is intended to avoid the brawl, but was not its ringleader. However, the player expressed the opinion that Vitali was the first to show aggression.

In addition, the midfielder said that they were calling the hospital in search of victims wanted an apology. However, in law enforcement agencies didn’t begin to address.

“Struck mechanically”

Following the interrogation was caused by Kokorin senior. He spoke about the nature of his injury, which involves a six-month rehabilitation, relationships with Mamaev and other actors in the conflict. On the eve of the incident, he spent one half in the match against “Krasnodar” and then went to Moscow to meet with friends and brother Cyril.

In his words, to “Selfish” young people visited another night club, where he started to drink alcohol. From the second establishment they came around 7 am and have to wait for a taxi. The beginning of the conflict with Solovchuk forward “Zenith” did not find, as came later. About the insults he said Mamaev.


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“He said that some driver insulted us, saying the word “cock.” I started to find out who it is and where it came from. At the entrance stood a taxi and this white car. Tried to open the door to talk,” began the attacker “Zenit”.

All the questions the driver answered that he has the right to Express their personal opinion. A dialogue on the raised tones lasted about ten minutes, but the conflict has not been exhausted.

Mamaev tried to intervene, but received a blow from Solovchuk, which then started to run away. Chased him midfielder and Kokorin, Jr. Forward of “Zenith” tried to separate the fighting, but he did not hit anyone. In addition, he stressed that in the process of the scuffle, the driver kept swearing to swear.

“After some time went to the car, but did not try to talk to him. Just wanted to calm him down. He apologized. More I was interested. Everything I wanted, I figured it out. If need be, ready to help him. My apologies to the owner of the car I have brought,” — said Kokorin.

The company then went to “Kofemania”, where they continued to discuss the conflict with the driver. Kokorin also admitted that he was tired and intended as soon as possible to go home. He confirmed the fact that he sat Bobkov and Kuropatkin, however, to explain their behavior could not. In General, he did not seem that any of them behaved provocatively and interfered with public order.

Then he told his version of the situation with puck. Young people did not discuss the official, though someone of those present really casual compared it with the Korean contractor.

“It was obvious he was uncomfortable, so Protasowicki explained the situation to him, apologized. Cyril struck up a conversation with puck, and I headed toward the exit. Heard the insult and the voice of his brother. Approached him, took a chair to sit down and talk. Heard the word in his address. Then an afterthought struck him,” said he.

Kokorin said that he was aiming at the side of the body of officials, although aware of their actions. Then he walked away, but returned later, as Pak told the audience that he was struck “futbolistico”.

After some hesitation Kokorin apologized to the administrator Coffeemania and official.

“I was embarrassed for the whole situation. We stood quietly. Pak also said that he apologizes, because he didn’t want such effects. Shook hands,” concluded the player.

By Kokorin and Mamaev, denied the accusation of conspiring. In his opinion, both events occurred due to a particular set of circumstances and had nothing to do with each other. In addition, he confirmed that the young people tried to contact the puck and Solovchuk to make amends.