Hockey player Kazan “AK Bars” Artem Lukoyanov made his debut in the football KAMAZ. In the match of the 20th round of the Professional football League with “Ufa-2”, he came on as a substitute in the 85th minute. The meeting ended with the score 2:0 in favor of his new team. Lukoyanov highlighted the warm reception from partners and support from the stands. The decision to switch to soccer, he explained that he wanted “to compare hockey with this sport.” According to sports Director of the club from Naberezhnye Chelny Sergey drunk-ass drunk, the player’s contract runs until the end of the season.

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Striker Kazan “AK Bars” Artem Lukoyanov made in the composition of KAMAZ in the match of the 20th round of the Professional football League (PFL). Rival of the team from Naberezhnye Chelny became the “Ufa-2”, and the meeting ended with the score 2:0 in favor of the trust Eugene Efremov.

30-year-old hockey player in his new team occupying the usual position of striker, came on the pitch in the 85th minute of the match instead of scorer David Karayev. Despite the fact that Lukojanovo not yet managed to Excel in a new role, he was pleased with his debut.

“The team was leading with a comfortable score 2:0. Okay, so it happened. Came on eight minutes, I think this is more than enough. The coach asked act housing to keep the ball, to cling to him, to show aggressive play. Of course, it’s hard to run and not think anyone can, and understand when you need to explode, to play in pressing, harder. Sorry, I could not hit a shot but the ball touched”, — quotes the athlete the official website of “AK Bars”.

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According to Lukoyanov teammates well received newcomer, tried to help him not only during the training process, but also on the field. In addition, in anticipation of Sunday’s match with the “Ufa-2”, he attended classes two-time champion of Russia — Kazan “Rubin”.

The news about the transition of the hockey player in KAMAZ has welcomed and fans of the citizens.

“Emotions are beyond words — the same as at the beginning of my hockey career. Fans can also take I even heard cries of “puck, Puck!”. Today here many people came to watch the match, this is a good popularization of hockey and football. Team won, I came on as a substitute. It will long remain in the history of the two sports and my personally,” added the striker.

Lukoyanov is a graduate of the Kazan hockey. Since November 2011 he was in favor of “AK bars”, which in season 2017/18 won the Gagarin Cup. In this regular championship of the Continental hockey League (KHL), he held 66 meetings, which scored 32 points on the system “goal plus pass”.


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The information that the striker had joined the KAMAZ, appeared in February of this year. However, only a few days ago it became known that he claimed the team for the upcoming tour FIE. However, many wondered how an athlete will combine old and new work, as its contract with “AK Bars” was calculated until the end of April. However, according to the lawyer Mikhail Prokopto, this situation is valid in case if two teams do not have to each other claims.

“It is nowhere forbidden. The athlete can perform at least three types, as long as it was properly declared. In the case of football it had to happen before the transfer window closes. This is the usual part-time job. In our football there are no regulations that prohibit people from other sports to take part in the competition,” said Prokopets “Sport-Express”.

He Lukoyanov explained his decision to a desire to diversify professional activities.

“I grew older, and really wanted to try to test yourself to understand how hard it is to play football, to compare hockey with this sport”, — lead his words “Chelninsky news”.

However, according to hockey, soccer has always occupied an important place in his life. By the age of ten he combined the two sports, but later made a choice in favor of the game with the puck. In addition, it is known that Lukoyanov is a fan of Moscow “Spartak”.


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According to sports Director of FC “KAMAZ” Sergey drunk-ass drunk, the striker’s contract runs until the end of the season. The team hope that the presence of the famous athlete will have a positive impact on the popularity of the citizens.

“If we talk about his game, so to speak, he is familiar with the basics of football. We hope that his arrival will help us including in terms of attendance. Was hoping for more people. Today was attended by two thousand fans, it’s not a bad result” — quoted by TASS drunk-ass drunk.

Despite claims to the Lukoyanov, many have suggested that his transition from hockey to football is just a competent advertising course. However, according to six-time world champion in the national team of the USSR Boris Mayorov, the decision to invite the player indicates that it meets the ambitions of the team.

“I’m no PR do not see this. He wanted people to play football — well, for God’s sake! I also Spartakovskaya team of craftsmen were, nothing special about it,” said majors.