For someone the imposition of martial law – a reason to be afraid of the mobilization and to stock up on food storage. And for someone – the ability to attack unwanted, or with impunity to engage in illegal construction, driving protests against such activities, with the connivance of the police.

Odessa got to the list of cities where martial law / photo

Martial law, introduced this week in ten regions of Ukraine, in Odessa was marked by… fighting.

Dirty methods of political struggle

One of the clashes occurred between supporters and opponents of the leader of the party “Civic stand” Anatoly Gritsenko. The incident occurred in the city centre, in the street of Richelieu, where in the premises of the office center “Terminal 42” is a radio station. Gritsenko went on a planned air when a crowd of unknown men blocked his way. They tried to hand him a gourd, which put faloimitator. On the pumpkin was an offensive inscription. Gritsenko pushed “gift”, after which about three dozen young men attacked his companions and began to throw eggs at them

“The participants of the clashes were used against opponents of gas cartridges. Illegal actions were stopped by police who patrolled the streets. They separated the parties of the conflict and prevent its escalation,” – said in the communication Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Odessa region, but did not explain why no one was arrested.

According to Gritsenko, the incident has a direct connection with the upcoming presidential election. Supposedly, a similar situation took place in Dnipro, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi and Chernivtsi, but such cruelty was not observed before.

“Previous provocations of the same type in all regions of the performers practiced sluggish, for the sake of the report to the Centre. But here, in Odessa, a gross violation of law and humanity… Three of our party suffered more than others – a concussion, a cut face is Anatoly worked as well as the father and the son Polyakova – I. Timur and Timur Timurovich. Now they help the doctors,” – said Gritsenko.

By the way, the Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region, UNIAN reported that during a collision injured five including a policeman. “Due to gross violations of public order, the use of physical force and action, according to preliminary information, a gas spray affected five citizens, including an employee of the patrol police,” – said the Agency.

Gritsenko accused the authorities in the attack on his comrades in Odessa / photo UNIAN

Gritsenko asserts that the organizer and most of the perpetrators of the attack have already established and the customer and “the search is not necessary – it is known”.

Actually, the politician is sure what happened is the current government, and “aunts” were hired by the security services. According to the politician, the young men – cruel, heartless, trained and trained just following orders “to beat”, not quite realizing what is happening and who their victims are.

However, the Pro-presidential party “Block of Petro Poroshenko” in response, accused Hrytsenko “black PR”. Supposedly, the statement Gritsenko, “which in a matter of hours, set and performers, and organizers, and the customer”, are surprising. And then used the same method of “black PR”, extending the statement a press-services of such contents: “Colonel, who during the war of Russia against Ukraine and have not found the way to the recruiting office and wait at his dacha all six waves of mobilization, now uses outrageous and absurd statements to relieve high political cream is definitely daring and totally unacceptable incident in Odessa. Somehow it is “not oficerski”,” – said the press service of the BPP.

Politicians promise protection

And while potential competitors in future elections, exchanged barbs, in fact, the surprise caused the work of police officers, who did not bother to arrest the violators of public order (recall that it took place in the city, which already operated a military position) in the time of the attack on the politician and his associates.

This, in particular, drew the attention of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko, who, according to the speaker of the GPU Andrei Lysenko, in a telephone conversation with the Odessa security forces have expressed outrage at the inaction of law enforcement.

However, after a couple of days the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said that five suspects in the attack on Gritsenko and To identified and detained. In relation to 12 people will be accepted procedural decision.

By the way, the attackers denies that attacked Gritsenko for political reasons, in particular due to the fact that he was one of the presidential candidates. Their actions allegedly associated with certain corrupt links Gritsenko, illegal alienation of property of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine at a time when he was the head of this Department, and other activities.

Whatever it was, in the Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region, noted that the detainee it is reported about suspicion of disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement and violent acts against the head of a political party (part 4 of article 296, part 2 of article 342 and section 2 of article 346 of the criminal code).

In turn, interior Minister Arsen Avakov promised “rigidly to stop the practice, which some people are trying to enter in the Ukrainian society: the attempts of disrupting the speeches of the candidates for the elections, organization of attacks and provocations around them, discrediting nameless and fake information materials”.

“Regardless of the degree of opposition politicians to the current government”, – said Avakov added that in the country every politician can expect protection of their rights and freedoms.

It is a pity that such attacks in Ukraine are not only politicians and presidential candidates.

Activists protesting against building in the resort of Arcadia – at the Gagarin plateau / photo of the Duma

“Special regime” for their

Thus, the imposition of martial law is quite peculiar took some businessmen. In particular, representatives of one of the companies leading the construction in the resort of Arcadia – at the Gagarin plateau, decided to hide behind “spetsrezhimom” in the struggle against the external enemy, and with local residents and activists protesting against the construction of skyscrapers.

This conflict began in the summer, when the developer, clearing the ground, knocked out about four hundred trees. Since then people have repeatedly staged protests, blocked roads and urged officials to prudence. About a month ago, the inhabitants of Gagarinsky plateau blocked the passage of construction equipment, which led to several conflicts with representatives of the developer.

And November 28, the day of the attack in Odessa Anatoly Gritsenko, there was another scandal here, the object began to break three trucks that were trying to stop opponents building. Ironically, it happened at a time when the Chairman of the Odessa regional administration Maxim Stepanov held a briefing for journalists, talking about the nuances of martial law. In particular, it was assured that no restrictions of constitutional rights are not provided, including no ban on holding rallies and other protests…

Witnesses to the collision on gagarinskoe Plato said that the police pushed the protesters, and the trucks were able to drive to the facility, which builds the company “Budova”. Thus law enforcement authorities and even accompanied the equipment to the site. The latter, according to the leader of the public organization “Street front” Damian has Hanula, said, they say, are under martial law, during which no road closures and protests.

“The police said, “we Will “pack”, we have the military situation, miss technique. Here you have an example of how the war begin to use private businessmen-developers to steal a piece of land in Odessa,” said the activist.

By the way, in Arcadia are construction work to several companies. But the current conflict, according to activists, associated with firms “Budavol” and “Megaline”, which is allegedly affiliated with city government or with the people close to her. So, “Budova” allegedly belongs to a well-known businessman Vladimir Galanternik that is close with the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov.

“If not, why the municipality did not stop the development of precious land, and the regulatory authorities prefer to remain silent?”, – say the activists, claiming that permission for the erection of high-rise residential buildings, the Builder no.

…Many resent the fact that both conflict – and the attack on Anatoly Gritsenko, and the massacre in Arcadia – occurred exactly with the entry into force of martial law in the Odessa region. That is, while the efforts of the world community aimed at the liberation of the captive in the Kerch Strait the Ukrainian seamen, Odessa “under the guise of” solve their problems by stakeholders. While, fortunately, has done without victims – both the brawl did not lead to more serious consequences only by chance.

And only a few days after the incident, interior Minister Arsen Avakov has proposed to take additional measures to strengthen security in Odessa. The idea was supported by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

But the impact and whether these measures on the city of tranquility? See soon.

Larisa Kosova, Odessa