The representatives of the Hungarian company Narke said that to develop the world’s first serial electric aquabike Electrojet on the homestretch.

To speak about any breakthrough ideas in relation to the Electrojet is not necessary: from its gasoline “brother” it differs only by the presence of the motor in combination with the original design. The power of a motor operating from a lithium-ion battery, is 45 kW. Charge, according to developers, should be enough for an hour and a half “normal” drive. Charging takes about two hours (from 0 to 80%). Not excluded the option of an additional replaceable battery.

Case aquabike is made of durable and lightweight carbon composite fibre. Electrojet is able to take on Board two and even three passengers. The control panel presents an eye-catching digital display, reminiscent of a built-in wireless addition smartphone for navigation, weather and other features of the gadget.

Currently, the prototype does Electrojet demonstration races on lake Balaton in half an hour’s drive from Budapest. According to experts, the main problem of the electric jet ski can be quite high price, not available to the buyer with average incomes.

Source — Narke