UNIAN learned about the “highlights” of the upcoming humor, which in Odessa organized, in spite of the important for Ukraine event – the election of the President. Say, while we are going to count the votes on the city streets will be regulars thieves ‘ “raspberry”, the famous Musketeers and other characters – after all, a happy holiday devoted to cinema.

1 April in Odessa will be a traditional humor / UNIAN

This year the celebration of Humorina had at the beginning of the working week – on Monday, the day after the presidential election. Time for massive fun, in all respects, frankly, a bit controversial… But enterprising locals do not take – to celebrate April fool’s Day in Odessa will start today (March 27). In an environment with surreal Comedy of the absurd “Night Symphony” kicks off the international festival of clowns and mimes “Komediada-2019”. According to its organizer Yana Delievey ahead – six days of sparkling humor, stunts, “turkomania and comicvine”.

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“Young clowns and mimes will be on the same stage with experienced and venerable. They are from Japan, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Israel, Poland, Canada, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Ukraine. Among them – the contestants, the 15 members of the international jury and headliners,” – said Deliev.

According to her, the festival for the first time in the post-Soviet space will be shown in the show La danse du pied unique Italian comedian Sir David and his “theater of the feet.” Also for the first time in Ukraine will be the women’s show “Cagedbaby”.

In Odessa also there will arrive the son of the legendary Charlie Chaplin, Eugene Chaplin, who will present the film of his father, The kid (“Kid”).

Clownish red carpet is scheduled for March 30 and April 1, clowns will parade through the streets of the city, where a motley cavalcade will merge with carnival Humorina procession. The latter, according to the Director of the Department of culture and tourism of the city Council Tatyana Markova, the centennial of the Odessa film Studio – the oldest in Ukraine.

“Also this year 225 years of Odessa itself. We tied the theme, and it was a godsend 2019,” said Markov, emphasizing that April fool’s Day symbolizes the beginning of the high tourist season.

It is assumed that the town in advance will arrive a huge number of tourists, who are attracted, first and foremost, the carnival procession. In connection with the passage of the column of the road block – after 10 am the historical center will become a pedestrian and turn into an absolute entertainment venue.

A place of laughter cannot be changed

To make a discount on a weekday, the organisers have shifted the start of the carnival from noon to 14.00. The start location and the route remained the same – thousands of people will walk from the Cathedral square on Deribasovskaya Primorsky Boulevard. It is planned that the March will last an hour and a half. During this time everyone will be able to consider the participants who will present in particular the famous films shot at the Odessa film Studio.

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According to the producer of “Humorina – 2019” Elena Orlova, the parade will involve more than 20 stylized cars, including vintage. Every machine “will sarimurat” under a specific subject. The organizers of the event refused to list all the “chips”, but some still shared.

“The whole parade dedicated to the movie from black and white – the history of its origin, through anniversaries – the Studio. Also imagine Hollywood movies, Disney cartoons. In General, it is popular that we see in TV and in cinemas,” said Orlov.

In the framework of the Humorina-2019 will host the international festival of clowns and mimes “Komediada-2019” / photo UNIAN

All the characters are recognizable, but just in case, leading processions promise to provide its participants at the start and the finish.

“Before each part of the column will be the slogan for the understanding of the plot. Because modern cinema is not very well known to people of the older generation, as old films may not know the youth”, – said the producer.

For the first time in its history, the Studio will take to the streets of vintage props, including costumes that were used during the creation of the movie. The city will be the heroes of films made at the Odessa “factory of dreams”: “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”, “the adventures of electronics”. Is “raspberry” from “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, excerpts from “the Green van” and many more.

It is possible that the audience will be able to enjoy the society of captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Freddy Krueger from “Nightmare on elm street” or Darth Vader from “Star wars”.

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“Old and new are mixed, but the old and the new will be funny,” – says T. Markov.

In addition, following the theme of the festival, in several locations – on Dumskaya square, Primorskiy Boulevard and in the City garden – organize “Kinoproba”. Everyone will be able to transform into one of the characters and show their acting skills, “starring” in a particular role. Later, the best shots will show on the big screen and even rastirazhirovan all over Ukraine.

As a joke about the jester of the Emperor

For holding Humorina from the city budget allocated about UAH 1 million and the total budget, according to Yelena Orlova, will be 200-300 thousand in foreign currency. This amount includes spending on technical support, prize Fund, Souvenirs, flights artists, their fees, accommodation, etc.

“Only one car for the parade costs about 3-4 thousand dollars. And of those – more than two dozen. And it’s a one-time use decorations then deteriorate or become obsolete on the subject,” said the producer.

The design of a vehicle for humor it costs thousands of dollars / photo UNIAN

According to Markova, after the carnival procession, the cars disperse around Primorsky Boulevard as photo zones.

Nearby, at the intersection of Lanzheronovskaya and Pushkinskaya, which will install the main stage will begin a concert. In the program group “5’nizza”, Ukrainian video blogger, rapper, former member of “Mushrooms” Kyivstoner, the artists of the producer center Star Time, the group “Time and glass”. Here will take place rewarding of winners of competitions “Comedity” and will show the brightest of the best clowns and mimes of the world.

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In addition, the Greek area will be fair. Guests will represent a variety of cultural and entertainment programs, performances of creative collectives, Souvenirs, deployed a large market of food under the open sky.

Urban garden planned cosplay show – bright costumes of characters from movies, comics and computer games, near the monument to Duke – karaoke, in the Zoological Park “Zoomarine”.

In General, than to chew over the results of presidential elections of Ukraine, in Odessa on April 1, offering to have fun from the heart. Also recommended to be in this day be careful not to take on trust any information on the voting results received from unverified sources. And remind the glorious joke of “soak” in the US on 1 April 1983. Then the majority of American Newspapers came out with headlines that the Professor of history, Boston University Joseph Boskin have revealed the secret origin of April fool’s Day. Say, the beginning of the holiday put the court jester of Emperor Constantine Kugel, who said that I would be able to rule the country as well as sovereigns. For the sake of laughter Constantine for one day allowed the buffoon to take the throne, and he quickly issued a decree to April 1 to be considered a Day of stupidity and since then, he began to celebrate annually. However, as it turned out, the press Association over their readers just kidding…

LArisa Kosova