Humor grunted. As Odessa decided to rebrand the famous holiday

For the first time after many years the organizers of the festival were not ex – “the Odessa gentlemen”


Everything flows, everything changes. Here and eternally young sailor with emblems Humorina old and went ashore. Apparently, his bearded jokes began to pall, they were poorly understood by young bearded men.

It is not surprising. Odessa is becoming more and more hipster, Lambert-sexual. Replaced the old chops come “mit rolls”. Fragrant smoke of the Viper walks around the city, but fans of “Belomor” and “Kazbek” just something where you sit at home and watch on their old television transmission a La “How it was”.

To drink craft beer in the institution has become much steeper than the walk in the “Delibertely” with pivasikom. The youth chews Semki, newspaper kites, ignore, grannies and even with their “campaigns” are suffering more substantial losses. Less Odessites know who the drayman, who once stood, but everyone understands when they hear “gastrolith”. And the Odessa news often tells not the star of the yard woman Lena, a smartphone. To fight this pointless and useless. For external changes are the changes internal. And someone already picks up a new topic.

For the first time after many years the organisers Humorina become not professional comedians, mastodons Odessa humor, Odessa former gentlemen. The old guard does not want or can not engage in the main city holiday. She was replaced by a young creative team of marketers and designers of a private Fund “holidays”. His press releases and interviews are filled with “brand”, “fan-zone”, “pattern”, “identity”, “icons”… in short, fresh blood. She is, in my opinion, was needed.

Humor began as a intelligent activity for intellectuals from the humor. But in the early 90’s she became something of a Russian Shrovetide: a drunken brawl, sprightly fun and fisticuffs on April 1, was commonplace. The residents of the city were closed in his apartments, updated the inscription “no Toilet” or wrote about the sexual curse all those who dare to pour out of recycled beer they have in front. But it didn’t help.

“Humor began as a intelligent activity for intellectuals from the humor. But in the early 90’s she became something of a Russian Shrovetide: a drunken brawl, sprightly fun and fisticuffs on April 1, was commonplace”

On one day of the year, the city was completely at the mercy of crazed happiness “foam ears”, which seemed to sit in places not so remote, and finally broke free. Year after year, the organizers of the humor worked wonders, in order to enlighten and civilize the crowd. Their efforts were not in vain. And humor became really boring holiday, and people calmed down a bit. Nevertheless, the crisis of the genre is still developing. Just the fact that not all 50-year-old can understand that it is necessary 20-year-old.

Before Humorina shows that this year it will be different. First of all, it will have the new logo — rubber duck. Around it has sparked a serious dispute. The city is divided into those who are for the duck, and those behind the sailor. Social network rage sarcastic posts about that city officials “released Kraken”. Yellow duck is just a different interpretation: early on Primorsky Boulevard was Duke and now will just be a Duck. The organizers Humorina calm that the sailor is not going anywhere, he’ll still remain the main symbol of the holiday. Just duck “is closer to the youth, he is more in tune with the design trends of the XXI century”.

Here I have some doubts. I think that sailor was to modernize and brandbook Humorina still work. Duck funny, but somehow he is not very fit in with Odessa. Besides, this character is not original, so will never cause globally stable Association with the festival of humor in Odessa. And that is what we should strive to spread the popularity of the holiday. If Odessa will not be on the best carnivals of the world or at least Europe, then to us on April 1, will continue to come mainly residents of the suburbs and surrounding areas.

But I will remain optimistic, as required by the legend of Odessa. I believe that humor will develop that in its content it will change. Moreover, only for the better.