Victims lose vigilance in the arms of strangers, and, with it, gold jewelry, wallets and phones.
Gripping the victim’s arms, the thugs had removed her gold jewelry, pulled from the pockets of purses and gadgets /деловое community

In Odessa detained a group of young people who came to unfamiliar foreigners, and squeezing them in “friendly” embrace, and then robbed the victim.

This reports the press service of the police region.

Four guys worked mainly with foreigners, who were in an alcohol intoxication.

“Surrounding the stunned man and squeezing him in a friendly embrace, the young men quietly removed her gold ornaments were pulled from pockets, wallets, gadgets and other valuable property. If the scheme did not work and the victim came to himself, he was threatened with physical violence, has openly taken things and gone,” he told police.

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Currently, the police have established the involvement of accomplices in Commission of three thefts and one robbery in the territory of Odessa. Among the victims were Ukrainians.

All four suspects were local residents aged 21 to 28 years. Currently on the facts of criminal activity of the group opened criminal proceedings under articles 185 (theft) and 186 (robbery) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The organizer of the measure of restraint in form of detention. In coordination with the Prosecutor’s office, the investigator made the request for custody and the other three participants. Currently involved in production are checked on participation in Commission of other crimes.