With the onset of hot summer weather, millions of people around the world include air conditioning. However, a cool saving we have to pay twice – literally — money, paying huge bills for used energy, and sometimes their health.

But it turns out that if a bit of a stretch crinkles, or even just to use ready-made “recipes”, it is possible to save electricity and the health keep, receiving in return a welcome coolness. So, two easy ways to create cool without air conditioning using the laws of physics.

1. Draft a “sibling”

If the wind is blowing, open the window on the leeward side and the window opposite, while in the first case, we can restrict the window, and the second to open the window fully. Formed a draught blowing the entire room. If the rooms few, we should blow them alternately opening and closing the doors.

But what if the outside calm? Then you have to create an artificial draught with much more economical than air conditioning fan. The scheme is very simple: the fan facing inside the room (suction) is installed on the sill of the window overlooking the cool (non-solar) direction, and the second exhaust fan is on the window sill opposite the window. The result is cool air from outside will fill the room, replacing the stale warm outside.

2. A draft “multi-storey”

If the house has several floors, for example, two, you need to open Windows on the lower floor, shadow side and then on the upper floor. Formed by the difference in pressure and the lighter warm air will “run” out, pulling cool air from below. Thus, there will be a natural cooling.

In exactly the same way you can ventilate the attic. You need to create vents for inflow and air outlet in its upper part. It is worth remembering that the attic cool will cool the upper floors.
Source — Popular Mechanics