XX century showed that, though people can’t build almost anything you want, but he’s a force to implement large-scale projects, like a network of roads across the continent. The examples are not far – Russian center, the American haiwei, the Gotthard road tunnel, a bridge across Jiaozhou Bay. Why not go ahead and build the road around the world? Media company RealLifeStories decided to explore this question.

Problem # 1 – how to cross the Atlantic ocean? The narrow point here is not in principle, therefore, the conceptual project of the world highway is open. It begins in the Chilean town of Punta arenas in the very South of South America, passes through North America, then to Siberia, and from there to Europe and down into Africa, down to Cape town. Sorry, Australians, you objectively are excluded.

The hardest part will be to cross the Bering Strait, though he is narrow, but the climatic conditions here are extremely harsh. However, you can tunnel to dig, still investing in this project will be extremely high. And what about “dari? n gap”, a region on the border of Colombia and Panama, where for two decades can’t find the final part of the pan-American highway? The jungle bandits, complex environment and other problems greatly complicate the construction of anything permanent.

Another stumbling block can be the location of the entrance roads around the world in Africa. To pave the way through the Strait of Gibraltar to the highway passed through the developed Europe? Or to save money and to allow the highway to bypass, through the Suez canal, where the crossing was built a long time? In any case, the length of the road around the world will be about 52 thousand km, and if you move it with an average speed of 80 km/h, the drive from beginning to end will be for the month. Great idea how to spend a vacation!