The performer again suspected in photoshop.
On lorac again collapsed wave of criticism / photoУкраинская singer Ani Lorak, touring in Russia, has revealed a new photo and ran into criticism.

The artist has published in Instagram. On it she’s posing in a tight gray sweater, leather pants with stripes and coarse boots. Eyes she hid behind sunglasses.

Read takuan lorac horrified network pouty lips (photo)

Many photos Lorak liked, but some fans wonder why lately the singer is always posting pictures with crossed legs or why she heavily photoshops the pictures.

“Another pose “want to write”, “Glory silicone Tits”, “take off your Glasses, it is disrespectful to the audience and the photographer”, “Here how can people cheat? The photo seems to and have Boobs!”, “Lorak in life as the teenager dressed” – write in the comments.

Earlier, the disgraced Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who had moved to Russia, was criticized for a new photo in the image of Queen Cleopatra.