Elizaveta Tuktamysheva will not compete at the Russian championship in figure skating in Saransk, which will begin next week. The athlete was hospitalized with pneumonia and will recover within a Crescent. The Russian championship is a qualifying tournament for the European Championships and the world, so the bronze prize-winner of the Grand Prix in Vancouver at risk not to enter the national team in the second half of the season.

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The championship of Russia on figure skating which will take place from 19 to 23 December in Saransk, lost one of the most renowned participants. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva will be forced to miss the competition because of pneumonia.

For the first time about health problems, the athlete announced herself in the afternoon of 12 December. She has published in Instagram photo with the thermometer, which stood at around 38.5 C, and commented on it.

“Ear thermometer shows two or three tenths more, but it’s not much help… preparing for the Russian championship is in full swing. The class,” wrote Tuktamysheva.

Later it became known that the athlete has a serious diagnosis. Her coach Alexei Mishin said that the girl recorded inflammation of the lungs, called the term, which you will need to rebuild.


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“She was hospitalized with pneumonia for two weeks”, — quotes Mishina TASS.

Thus, Tuktamysheva will not have time to recover for the championship of Russia and will be forced to miss the tournament.

At the recent Grand Prix final in Vancouver, the 21-year-old skater drew attention to the fact that the Russian championship is a special tournament. The three best athletes of the competition excluding those who are over age will be able to join the national team and take part in the European championship in Minsk and the world Championships in Saitama. Tuktamysheva was not able to enter in national team 2014-15 season when she won both the main tournament of the season.

Skater three years could not return to my former level and I missed the Olympic games in Pyeongchang, but this season her career restarted. She won pre-season tournaments in Italy and Finland, excelled at the Grand Prix of Canada and took third place in Japan, while breaking a personal record in the two estimates. Thanks to this success Tuktamysheva qualified to the Grand Prix final where she won bronze, losing only to the Japanese Kihira Rica and compatriot Aline Sagitova.

This season Tuktamysheva kept steadily in the top three Russian athletes in the sum on the same competition points. It is inferior for this indicator all the same Sagitova and ahead of Evgeny Medvedev, Sophia Samodurov and Stanislav Konstantinov, who also took medals on the stages of Grand Prix. However, better Tuktamysheva was also made by Alexander Trusov, and Alyona Kostina scored almost the same points, but they are unable because of age to get the adult national team of Russia.

A year ago in a similar situation was Evgeny Medvedev. She was forced to miss the championship of Russia due to a foot injury, but the coaching staff of Russian national team has taken into account its past achievements and shape to a stress fracture of the foot. She spoke at the European Championships and at the Olympics, where she won second place. Tuktamysheva also may rely on the exception to the rule, sure silver medalist Ilya Averbukh.

“This is a difficult situation. Lisa brilliantly behaved on the two stages of the Grand Prix and performed well in the final. But the championship of Russia is crucial in the formation of the national team for the world Championships and Europe. Coaches may decide to give one of the quota for the athletes who were not for a good reason. There will be made a tough decision. I think Lisa has earned the right to continue the season and to speak at both major competitions in Belarus and Japan”, — said Averbukh RT.

The former figure skater said that the lack of Tuktamysheva will not affect the entertainment of the tournament, which will still be enough intrigue.


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“The championship of Russia in the first place, will attract the attention of the opposition Sagitova Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva, as well as the participation of young girls who won the medals in the final of the Junior Grand Prix. Will be a big chopper, the women’s tournament will be the most attractive, the most. The lack Tuktamysheva will not affect the entertainment, the tournament will still be megaplatinum. No country can boast of such a set of athletes”, — said the expert.

Recent injury worries and Olympic champion Sagitova. Shortly before the performance in the free program at the Grand Prix final she turned her ankle, tripping over the cable while Jogging. The skater is still out on the ice and skated with a slightly swollen leg.

The lack Tuktamysheva in the championship of Russia significantly complicates the fight for vouchers for those athletes who didn’t manage themselves properly to show this season. After all, if the champion of the world 2015 will take place in the national team, and almost certainly will achieve Sagitova, it will be only one quota in the national team. Medvedeva, Samodurova and other skaters will have to compete desperately for her. If Tuktamysheva took part in the championship of Russia, she would have to give 100% for success.

Football club “Zenit”, which hurts Tuktamysheva, wished the athlete a speedy recovery on social media. However, many users felt that the skater was sick because of his outspoken performances, during which she takes off part of the clothing.

Get Well, @TuktikLiza! ? ✊ pic.twitter.com/H3OUhR74xy

— FC “Zenit”? (@zenit_spb) 12 December 2018.