Lucky months will be Capricorn, Libra, Aries, and Cancers.
Vlad Ross brings good luck to the four signs of the Zodiac / photo Uninstall Vlad Ross drew up a horoscope for each sign of the Zodiac for January 2019.

About it writes “Glavred”.

Lucky Jan:

Capricorns. Despite the fact that Mars and Saturn converge, but this happens in Capricorn, where they get abode and exaltation. Capricorns in January, especially at the end of the month, will be able to break any wall, overcome any obstacle. They will succeed, achieve goals, especially in work and career. Capricorns will have excellent opportunities to transform their lives and activities.

Libra. January will be favorable for Libra. Particularly well they will shape travel and all things related to real estate. All well they will be in the family business: they are waiting for unification, cohesion, warm relationship with family, participation in family events. In addition, in January can be moved from one country to another or from one city to another, and these transfers will be favorable.

Aries. The rams also have a great time, especially it will concern their business. Mars will enter the zodiac sign of Aries, this means that the representatives of this sign all month will have a powerful energy. Much of what the Rams have not managed to do in 2018, they will be able to “handle” at the beginning of 2019, and with high probability – very successfully. They are waiting for luck in your new endeavors, spontaneous and unexpected solutions.

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Cancers. Good situation in January and the zodiac sign of Cancer. They will ripen any long-term plans and to develop long-term trends in terms of business, business partnership. This will be a very long-term trends – with an eye on next years. Cancers will also have excellent opportunities for employment. It would seem, in this respect, January is a month unfavorable to all but for cancer it’s the opposite: they will be easy to manage a job, finding a new case.

Losers of the month:

Virgo. The most difficult situation in January is waiting for representatives of this zodiac sign. Virgins will all be a bit complicated. They can expect a downfall from office. Their initiative will be punished, and their penalties will follow “shot on the spot”. Virgo is better to relax, rest and not overexert. I would recommend Virgo in January to go somewhere to relax.

Gemini. The twins will be a very critical period: disputes, quarrels, controversies, litigation, financial undermining, illusions, false beliefs and deceptions. A very difficult month in all senses.

Fish. January will be tough for the zodiac sign of Pisces. They will be exposed to all kinds of manipulation. Secret enemies of Fish in January, unable to control it. Complex situation, possible with friends and family, to the extent that Fish may quarrel, break up and forget about the existence of these people (not only spouses but also children-parents, relatives, siblings).

Archers. Sagittarius in January will have a lot of plans and projects, but they will Balk at the insurmountable obstacles to come across walls and obstacles in its path. They will have a lot of unpredictable situations. All of them would be exactly the opposite and not as they would like.

Neutral month will be to:

Aquarians. In connection with the reversal of Uranus in Aquarius in the first half of January all of a sudden will go “follow suit”, everything will be impossible as well: there went “on the tree”, there met the love… in Aquarius in the first half of the month everything will be so “on the catcher and the beast running”. But in the second half of the month luck is about to leave Aquarius. It would be a bad time to start new businesses and significant changes in life. In addition, at this time, Aquarius can bring friends, because with them, you should be very careful, because friends can easily turn into enemies.

Lions. Lions will be the opposite: the first half of the month will be no. At this time they had better “lay low” and rest, to love and to forget about the business. Lions by nature are gamblers but in the first half of the month it is better not to play because they can easily lose a fortune if you get too carried away. But the second half of January, especially the last week, they will be successful: empowerment, opening businesses, favorable circumstances, finding themselves in work, activities and successful change of a place of work.

Scorpions: Scorpions are a month is a contrast: the first half of January will be favorable and the latter – not so much. Thus, in the first half of the month they are waiting for unexpected twists of fate, success, a favorable situation related to financial investments, good luck fatal and karmically inevitable situations, the meeting of love (Venus still will continue its movement in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, because the representatives of this sign can fall in love, especially for the New year, Christmas, some festive events).

Taurus. The Taurus also will be a month of contrasts, with the first half of it is categorically unfavourable with a lot of unexpected situations and surprises. It was only towards the end of January, the Bulls formed a good situation where they can safely seek their destiny and find it, especially in terms of partnerships, money, love and opportunities for enrichment.

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