Epson announced the release of flight simulator quadcopter in augmented reality. It is designed for new pilots who are sorely lacking the thrill of the flight, so as to not break the expensive machine on the wall. It’s not so much entertainment but a training manual with strict criteria of operation.

Simulation of the drone is created using augmented reality Moverio, the basis is taken from a real camera DJI Mavic Pro whose behavior and recreated in digital format. Will have to pick up the real remote control of the copter, and the viewing angle of the simulation is only 23 degrees – you need to turn his head and to actively participate in the process. What is the purpose of the project.

Virtual drone behaves the same as the real, the reaction of the controls on the user actions are identical. This means that at great distances you can incorrectly calculate the height or distance to the wall and “break” the car. Training provides exercises on spatial orientation: to collect hanging in the air rings to fly through the maze, etc.

The fundamental difference between the trends from model simulations on the screen of the smartphone is that there is simulated the flight of a drone in virtual space, and here is recreated the control device in the real world. This gives pilots with absolutely other skills, plus no one will complain that they are tired of the noise your toy. Augmented reality – this means that you can run your quadcopter anywhere, without the risk that it will blow in the wind or the police arrest you.