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Like something out of Aesop’s fables, one lucky adventurer captured a thrilling contest of brains versus brawn as a beleaguered tortoise tries to fend off not one but two lions.

Peet van Schalkwyk captured the age-old battle between slow-moving prey and powerful predator while on safari in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa.

The unfortunate reptile attempts to flee but tortoises aren’t exactly known for their hundred-yard dash world records, and it’s quickly caught by the curious cats.

The talented tortoise quickly ‘turtles up’ and retreats inside the safety of its shell as the ravenous pair of lions grow increasingly frustrated, with their clawed swipes having little effect on their would-be prey’s sturdy defences.

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One lion stands over the tortoise, testing the testudinal for any weakness. It then drags the sorry slowpoke along the ground and sits it between its paws.

After a prolonged period of poking, prodding and pawing, the lions eventually give up, though not before flipping the poor creature on his back.

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