Heating in Kharkov promise to recover by middaythe Battery / Photo: yarreg.ru

Repair of heating network will be completed in the next few hours

26.02.18 140000

To complete repairs and restore heat supply in Kharkiv fully expect to this afternoon. This was stated by the Deputy mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov, reports Radio Liberty.

“As an Industrial area, then you know that already is starting, schools are connected, a kindergarten connected. Gradually included housing, and I think that if everything goes exactly as we plan, then have until noon on February 26 all the houses will be warm”, – he said.

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According to Terekhov, the staff of communal services managed to establish a place of break of a heating main. Replace section of pipe will be completed in the next few hours.

Thus the educational process in schools and kindergartens, the municipality has no plans to stop.

We will remind, in Kharkov from-for failures on heating systems 666 residential and social sector in two districts of the city were left without heating . By evening most of the houses managed to restore the supply of heat, but a few dozen homes are still not heated.