KIEV. June 1. UNN. The chief of the Department of Gosgeokadastr in Cherkasy region Olga Pledge lives in the apartment of circadence in the name Oleynik Tatiana, which is a full namesake of the official local administration. Since the office commented on informacy media that the head of the Cherkasy undeclared Gosgeokadastr lives in the apartment of a local official.

The Department stated that the woman who has Collateral and which is only a namesake of the official of the state administration, not a public servant.

“Cherkasenko in the apartment which is home to Olga Collateral, is not a public servant not working in the regional state administration, therefore, has no relationship to the leading specialist of state administration Oleynik Tatiana Alexandrovna”, – assured in GU Gosgeokadastra in Cherkasy region.

As evidenced by the extract from the State register of rights to immovable property, apartment in Cherkassy area of 88,7 square meters really belongs to the citizen of Ukraine by name Oleynik Tatiana. More in the registry any mention of the namesakes of the citizen Oleinik no.

To find out whether in Cherkasy can accommodate two people who are complete people with the same surname, name and patronymic, the editors UNN will send a request to the Cherkasy regional state administration and NACP.

It is noteworthy that in his Declaration for 2017 leading specialist of the Department of investment attraction Cherkasy regional state administration Tetyana Oliynyk pointed out, owns the land in Smila (Cherkasy region), an area of 1 hectare. But in the registry of rights to immovable property details Oleinik T. A. such land is not registered.

Therefore, the purpose of objective presentation of information, UNN appealed and on this issue in the NACP.