The man who deciphered the Maya writing, is a native of Kharkov and at the same time, a national hero of Mexico.

Reports about it “Диалог.UA”.

Informed in Mexico put a second monument to Ukrainian
the scientist who deciphered the Maya writing.

Knorozov is the founder of the Soviet school of mayanistics and
in addition, it has fully decoded the message of the Maya. The scientist is a knight
the order of the Aztec eagle, this prize is awarded only to the natives of Mexico, but
Knorozov was among the elect.

In Mexico, the scientist put two monuments: one in 2012,
the other in 2018. Also after the scientist named a street in Kharkiv.

Not leaving the office, the scientist have decoded an ancient letter,
based on the texts of the three extant manuscripts. It is recognized worldwide.

Kharkiv activists were trying to collect signatures for
consider the installation of a monument to the scientist in Kharkov, but so far no
steps from the city hall there.

The predictions of the ancient Mayan calendar comes true: “Star
death” six years burns Earth.

Scientists have discovered the amazing ancient city of the Maya civilization.