At the motor show in Essen, Hankook showed the concepts of what its managers called “creative solutions for mobile systems of the future.” In the vision of engineers, new time wheel is needed not only to roll down the road — they also perform vital functions during operation of the vehicle. The model helps Hexonic unmanned car “feel” on the highway, and the Aeroflex model will give the sports car a new source of downforce at high speeds.

Bus Hexonic designed based on unmanned systems where the driver is not involved in the management, but because he doesn’t care how transport reacts to the road surface. But it is very important for the computer, so the tire has seven sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, texture, composition, deterioration, etc. of the roadway. The outer part consists of hexagonal cells, which can move relative to each other to form channels to drain water. And they contain retractable Y-shaped hooks in each cell for greater reliability of traction.

Bus Aeroflow – transformer, it consists of two halves, between which is fixed the mechanism at the base of the turbine. In the passive state, it looks like the wheel of a race car: a thick, broad, smooth surface. When activated, halves diverge and the incoming flow starts to turn a turbine, which redirects the air so as to control the downforce of a sports car. It looks very futuristic, but from a physical point of view this is a very rational approach.

Concepts is concepts – designers of Hankook had to simulate the appearance of the vehicle of the future, where they would be appropriate, because in normal cars the tires would look too weird. Will survive if new developments in cars of the near future — time will tell.

Source — Hankook