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At the pre-match press conference, the Uruguayan coach of Bordeaux was friendly, joked a lot.

The journalists ‘ questions were answered willingly and with obvious enthusiasm.


from Odessa

– What mood at you before the game?

We know it can be difficult, but optimistic. Want to get from Odessa a positive result that would give Bordeaux the advantage for the second leg.

What you see the difficulty?

– We managed to study your opponents. Mariupol will defend itself, but it can be dangerous without the ball. In football, more possession of the ball ensures another win.

– How difficult will it be in attack Bordeaux after the sale of striker Malcolm?

We lost a good player and will be missed. However, we have other forwards we expect.

– If you have enough depth composition for successful performance on two fronts – in the championship and the Europa League?

– This will depend on the 22 days remaining before the expiration of the transfer period. After that I will be ready to answer. (Smiles). As for today, our player Lucas Lerager, broke the nose, undergoing restoration. His condition is regarded as positive. Tomorrow it should work in the General group.

– Each coach before the match examines not only the opponent, but the features of the upcoming match. You probably do not know that in 28 years, none of the French team failed to win in Odessa. Moreover, in these four games they haven’t scored a single goal…

We will rewrite the history. (Laughs). While it is impossible to say that Bordeaux is in the best shape, but we really want to win.

The journalists ‘ questions answered and midfielder “Bordeaux” Maxime Poundjé.

– Participation in the Europa League – is always happy, he said.

– From the upcoming match expect more issues than the previous one – with the Latvian “Ventspils”?

– With each game we more and more difficult. The same can be said about the upcoming match. We expect that our next opponent will pay great attention to defense. Therefore, we will need to build a game, based on these assumptions.

– How hard would it be to play with “Mariupol” given the fact that the French League has not started yet?

– On the contrary – it gives us an advantage. We begin a duel of the third qualifying round of such a serious match. It will try not only to defeat the opponent, but also qualitatively to prepare for the championship.

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