Economic losses from the blackout in Venezuela was $1.6 billion, said the head of the National Assembly Juan Guido, who proposed to declare a state of emergency on March 11.
Juan Guido / REUTERS

Venezuela’s Parliament, the national Assembly should reconvene on March 11 emergency meeting and vote for the introduction of state of emergency in connection with the situation in the energy sector.

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On 10 March, at a press conference in Caracas, said Parliament speaker Huang Guido, proclaimed himself provisional President of Venezuela. The main thesis of his address he posted to Facebook.

A minor accident at the hydroelectric power station Guri turned into a national catastrophe, the cause of which was theft of investments in the energy sector are illiterate and manual – 80% of the country depended on the capacity of one hydroelectric plant, said Guido.

According to him, the 72 hours have passed since the power failure, 15 patients in the hospitals died because of the inability to assist them. 15 thousand patients who require dialysis, are at great risk, said the politician.

Economic losses from the blackout, Guido estimated at $1.6 billion.

He reported that he had contacted the specialists from Germany, Brazil, Japan and Colombia, which could help Venezuela overcome the crisis in the energy sector.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on March 7 in almost all of Venezuela lost electricity. The national Corporation for electricity has blamed sabotage at the hydroelectric power station Guri. President Nicolas Maduro said that the US has unleashed against the country electric war. United States Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the electricity shortage is the result of the incompetence of the authorities.