The opposition leader called on citizens to create committees that will mobilize the protest movement.
April 6 will be the first tactical action of “operation Freedom” / photo / twitter/jguaido

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido stated that the operation “Freedom”, which, in his opinion, should lead to the termination of the reign of the dictator Nicolas Maduro, will begin on 6 April.

The statement he posted on his Twitter on Wednesday, March 27.

“April 6 will be the first tactical action of “operation Freedom” throughout the country. On this day, we must be prepared and organized”, – the politician wrote.

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He urged citizens to create committees that will mobilize the protest movement.

“The police and military across the country also are intended for the protection of people from armed groups,” he added, Guido.

In another tweet he called on Venezuelans to go out on Saturday, March 30, to “demand the cessation of the usurpation of power and to protest against the lack of social guarantees.

“The regime wants us to become accustomed to the tragedy, but there are people who want to defend their rights”, – said the oppositionist.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in recent months, Venezuela is undergoing severe political, economic and humanitarian crisis. January 22, there began mass protests after Maduro took office as head of state for a second term. The next day, the President of the National Assembly, Guido declared himself the interim President of the country.

Most of the countries of the European Union and also the USA, Canada, Australia, some countries of Latin America and the Organization of American States has recognized, Guido legitimate leader of the country.

Maduro said he did not intend to leave the post of President until the expiry of the term of office in 2025.

In January, the media reported that the militants of the Russian private military company “Wagner” arrived in Venezuela for Maduro protection from possible arrest.

In February, the Venezuelan army was put on alert in connection with the previously announced delivery of humanitarian aid from the United States. The US President Donald trump has threatened the Venezuelan military the dire consequences if they continue to support Maduro.

A senior official from Venezuela on Sunday, 24 March, confirmed to reporters the arrival of the aircraft with the Russian military on Board.