Groisman wants the FTA to the UK after Brexit

The Ukrainian Premier believes that the annual bilateral trade could reach $3.5 billion


Ukraine initiates the beginning of negotiations on creation free trade zone with the UK after Brexit. This was during a visit to the United Kingdom was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, reports 112 Ukraina.

“During the meeting we touched upon the issues of deepening of our economic cooperation. If we look at the trade between the two countries, this year a little more than $2 billion, in fact, the potential could be $3.5 bn, Given the fact that the UK has decided to withdraw from the EU, the so-called Brexit, we need to talk about the new principles of our economic cooperation. I raised the question and found support to the fact that we have started consultations concerning the approach of establishing a free trade zone with Britain,” – said Ukrainian Prime Minister.

Groysman reminded that FTA talks are now also underway with Turkey and Israel.

“We are working with Turkey and Israel in the framework of our cooperation with the UK, we believe that there is a great prospect and the interest of our economies in new mechanisms of cooperation,” the Prime Minister added.

Recall, June 1, 2017 Canada completed the ratification of the free trade Agreement with Ukraine – after the consent of the house of Commons and Senate, the Governor-General of Canada signed the document.