Grinevich NATO spoke about the importance of the language the articles of the new law on education

Knowledge of the state language is a matter of national security


The Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych in the headquarters of NATO in Brussels said the ambassadors of the countries-allies on the new law on education. About it reports Radio Freedom.

She stated that the language reform under the new education act is a national security issue, because a territory not a state language, “effectively separated”.

“The creation of territories where not functioning in the state language, which is actually separated, because you use a different language, are a threat to the territorial integrity” – said Grinevich.

She cited the example of the illegal annexation of Crimea, “where there was only one Ukrainian school and the rest of Russian schools and homogeneous functioning of the Russian language”.

“This, as well as the Donbass, where there was used the state language, should be a great lesson. It is the historical moment when we are obliged to ensure the integration of society through the free possession and use of the Ukrainian language”, – the Minister added.

We will remind, foreign Minister of Hungary Peter Siyarto said earlier that Hungary has imposed a veto on the convening of the December meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO due to the Ukrainian educational law.

However, NATO’s claim that it is not planning to hold in December a meeting of the Commission.

Hungary insists that the new education act violates the rights of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine, and promises to block the rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU.