It is noted that the Intern has run ads on open exchanges where you can buy and sell advertising space through an auction online.
Illustration / REUTERSGoogle the fault of the Intern, has launched an advertising campaign that could cost her $10 million.

This writes theВabel with reference to The Irish Times.

“Google employee with fat fingers made a classic mistake in the evolving e-markets: tapping the wrong button during a workout, he ran test ads on a huge number of web pages and applications”, — writes the edition.

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The incident occurred in California. The result is an advertisement which had the appearance of an empty yellow rectangle appeared on numerous sites in the United States and Australia, and was active in around 45 minutes. The company has already promised to offset the cost to those who posted it a test logo.

The publication notes that the trainee has launched advertising on the open exchange, where you can buy and sell advertising space through an auction online. The price of such auctions is about 10 times higher than average.

Order placed by him, provided for the payment of 25 cents for every thousand views of an advertisement despite the fact that the rental cost of all advertising space is 2 to $4.

The company confirmed the incident but refused to disclose the amount of compensation that Google will have to pay. Although sources claim that the speech can go about $10 million.