Google and Acer introduced the tablet Acer Chromebook Tab 10, which will be the first ever tablet computer running Chrome OS. Thus, Google was given to understand that the era of the widespread dominance of Android devices are left behind.

Main characteristics of Acer Chromebook Tab 10 does not stand out among market leaders. The screen diagonal of 9.7 inches, the maximum resolution of 2048×1536, processor OP1 and 4 GB of RAM, front and rear camera, 32 GB of permanent memory. There is a Wacom stylus, universal USB-C port and a mandatory slot for micro-SD. The battery life up to 9 hours, the price of the tablet is $329.

All the highlight in Chrome OS, because Google has finally brought to mind the work with touch screens. The ability to run android apps in the new OS even sooner — thus she became a “bridge” between the truly of mobile gadgets and the model workstations. What is the ultimate goal of Google, according to some analysts. The company will not “kill” Android, but will focus on merging the platform with the Chrome OS.

Someone might perceive this as a desire to compete with Windows 10, and Microsoft’s desire to produce and maintain more and more devices 2-in-1. On the other hand, the new tablet is clearly not the opponent ultrathin premium models from Samsung on the Android OS. Google does not hide the fact that targeting the segment of education and business, where important and minimizing the costs of equipment and its versatility. And, most importantly, really great, comfortable for serious work screens.

Source — Google