Germany company fined for 190 thousand euros for violating anti-Russian sanctions – media

The company was placed in the RF hardware, which can be used for military purposes


The company from the German of Ulm, to export to Russia dual-use equipment, is fined for 190 thousand euros. It is reported by the German newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten, reports European truth.

According to the newspaper, the Russian side of the equipment can be used for military purposes. The export of such equipment to Russia due to EU sanctions against Moscow firm had to obtain a special permit, however, put the technique without it.

“The request for permission is usually denied if the political situation in the country where you want the shipment does not match the foreign policy and security policy of Germany, that is, if the decision was made to embargo or sanctions,” – said the German customs service.

The name of the company and which machines were delivered, not reported.

Customs officers became aware of the illegal export, when they were inspecting a spare part for one of the machines. It is noted that the technique itself has already left the EU without a permit. According to the customs investigation, the company put the machine prematurely to avoid the inevitable contractual penalties.