Gerashchenko: the Recognition of “passport” “L/DNR” is a vivid evidence that “ihtamnet”

This preparation for the expropriation of the property of Ukraine in the occupied territories, as well as the first step towards the recognition of terrorist organizations


The first Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko has suggested that the next step after the recognition of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the so-called “passports “L/DNR” will be the announcement of the Ukrainian property in the occupied territories “Republican”.

“Now, Putin acknowledged worthless paper “documents ORDA”. It is not the recognition of “republics”, only their worthless pieces of paper, but we should not be misled by all these words of Putin’s decree on “time, pending a political settlement, etc.”… do Not be surprised if the next step will be the nationalization of Ukrainian property in the occupied territories. Somehow sure that it Russian – landowska looting and theft this database is created with recognition of the papers,”documents”, to further recognize the Ukrainian property “Republican” and everything to steal, as it was with the Crimea”, – wrote Gerashchenko in Facebook.

Ukrainian politician said that in the past week, public opinion in Russia was preparing for recognition of the “republics”. In particular, in social networks flashed the calls to come to rallies for the recognition of “L/DNR”, and during negotiations in Minsk in the fully locked floor where the negotiations of the working groups, quietly went to the crowd – citizens of the Russian Federation and made a mess with the demand to recognize the “Republic” at the briefing of the OSCE coordinator Martin Sajdik – to create a picture for Russian propaganda media.

“This picture of the media three days obediently twisted,” – said Gerashchenko.

First Deputy head of the Parliament focused on the fact that Russia is the only country in the world that recognized the paper “L/DNR”, thus recognizing its de facto control over the occupied territory of Donbass.

Gerashchenko is convinced that the purpose of Putin’s decree – to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, the first step to nationalization and the possible recognition of “L/DNR”, laying the Foundation for a frozen conflict, pushing Ukraine and the world to the implementation of the political block “the Minsk agreements”, without priority of unit, security, and humanitarian block.

“Our actions? The priority of the unit concerning safety, and humanitarian block. There is no “L/DNR”, and ORDO, according to the Minsk agreements – Ukraine, therefore there will be or Ukrainian laws and documents, or papers, which recognizes only the aggressor country, the Russian Federation. And yet this decree is a vivid testimony to the world that “ihtamnet,” summed up Gerashchenko.