The representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group of the Trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbas Iryna Herashchenko stressed that Ukraine needs to stand firm on their positions on the fulfillment by Russia of the Minsk agreements, the exchange of hostages and captives of the Kremlin and the refusal to negotiate with terrorist leaders.
According to Gerashchenko, all countries and organizations are expected to “reset” the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia / UNIAN

First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s representative to the Humanities subgroup of the Trilateral contact group on settling the situation in the Donbass Irina Gerashchenko said that the recent statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrate the preparation of an unfavorable background for the first dialogue with the new Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

About this Gerashchenko wrote on his page in Facebook.

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“Putin makes rude statements about Fresnoy certification of all Ukrainians. Traditional Kgbshnaya tactic – raise the stakes and escalate the situation, creating a crisis before an important meeting. He prepares an unfavorable background for the first conversation with the newly elected President. Nothing new and unexpected,” she said.

According to Gerashchenko, all countries and organizations are expected to “reset” talks between Ukraine and Russia after the inauguration of the new President.

“The EU, U.S., OSCE and other international organizations – have greater expectations of, say, new opportunities. Also nothing unexpected. Everyone understands that Poroshenko would continue to act this way in the talks with Putin and with the world. And expect that the Ukrainian neophyte can change tactics, and may be able to achieve at least some progress in Donbass. Everyone is waiting for the overload. This is expected and good. But there is one thing .. expect overload at the expense of Ukraine and compromise solely on the Ukrainian side. The danger of this approach significantly was made during a special debate in the UN security Council, where Russia and Putin almost shamefully remembered,” – wrote Gerashchenko.

Thus, according to Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian must be clear and unambiguous.

“First. The priority is the execution of the block of the Minsk agreements on security issues. Only sustainable mode of silence and the withdrawal of foreign weapons and technology form the necessary preconditions for implementation of other items. Foreign is Russian, the other is not there”, she said.

She also stressed the need for the implementation of the humanitarian unit of the Minsk agreements.

“But vkoem case not to replace the key unit of the security issues over an important, humanitarian. Because this rhetoric and the substitution of priorities was very noticeable during the UN security Council,” she added.

Besides, according to Gerashchenko, Ukraine should insist on the exchange in the format of “all for all” – as prisoners in the occupied territories, and political prisoners of the Kremlin.

“Another danger is Russia and their puppets of ORDO not confirm to us the contents of dozens of military and civilian, conceal information about them, demanding instead to give hundreds of prisoners of the separatists, the Russians (which include the lists ORDO), and confirming to the exchange of a few dozen hostages. These traps are also very dangerous,” – said the representative of Ukraine in the pipeline.

In her words, “special pain – missing”.

“The Russians 4 years flatly refuse to establish a tripartite mechanism with the ICRC. Pushing to create groups only with pseudorepublic. And this is the legitimization of the Department of Donbass”, – said Gerashchenko.

However, the representative of Ukraine in the contact group stressed that Ukraine has fulfilled its obligations under the political unit of the Minsk agreements.

“Political block, which all focuses on Putin. In fact, Ukraine did it. We adopted the Amnesty law (under which, incidentally, are not subject to terrorists and murderers, but “lost”), and the characteristics of local government. But these laws are not in force for Russia and the Kremlin, which were held in the occupied territories illegal elections in 14 and 18 years. Therefore, for the realization of a political unit doogan Putin to cancel his decrees on recognition of the so-called documents ARDLE and so-called results of the so-called elections, Putin should cancel the decrees of the illegal passportization of Ukrainian ORDA should be immediately disbanded all pseudoarcana psevdovlasti. And any regional elections in the Donbass can take place only after demilitarization and Ukrainian laws,” she said.

According to Gerashchenko, the main thing that Ukraine should firmly stand on the position: no direct talks with the puppet, created by Russian regimes, no legitimization of the pseudo-republics.

She also noted that during the last meeting in Minsk the Ukrainian delegation emphasized that, despite the change of power strategy of Ukraine will remain unchanged for full de – occupation and restoration of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on 24 April, the Russian President signed a decree on simplified obtaining Russian passports to the residents of temporarily occupied Donbass.

April 27, Putin said that Russia may simplify the procedure of obtaining citizenship for all Ukrainians, not just living in the occupied territories of Donbass.

The Russian President also expressed readiness to negotiate with Zelensky, to end the war in the Donbass.