Gennady Trukhanov. The story of Odessa detained mayorPhoto: UNIAN

Maybe after a certain number of years about Gennady Leonidovich will write stories or legends, as was the case with raider Kotovsk or racketeer Jap

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Today, February 14, at the Boryspil airport arrested the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov. The person he was controversial, but interesting. It I as the inhabitant of Odessa say.

Who Trukhanov? If Kiev is an island, then Odessa is the head. City. With a difficult past. A former military man who in dashing 90-e was not to protect the homeland, and questionable personalities. And, they say, then he “rolled”. However, this reputation is in Odessa never scared.

Decisive people here have always been held in high esteem, and I wouldn’t be surprised if after a certain number of years of him will write stories or legends, as was the case with raider Grigory Kotovsky, a racketeer Mishka Jap, adventurer Ostap shore (Bender), and many others. Perhaps today Trukhanov is the only former regions and a lover of ribbons, which miraculously, after 2014 was able to take the mayor’s seat. Though nothing miraculous: simply the best was not there. Alien populist Sasha Borovik and decisive Trukhanov local. Chose their own.

As for the reaction of Kiev, today every self-respecting hairdresser in Odessa knows that “Gunpowder and Fantomas have agreed here for the world»

Trukhanov had only to enlist the support of the townspeople, and, admittedly, something in this difficult task he could achieve.

Trukhanov by far the most active mayor over the past 30 years. Many local officials felt the administrative-command methods of work of the Captain. As a result, and with the eternal problem of the Odessa — sudden winter snowfall — could cope, and the city centre a little “precoat” and Mafy somewhere to porosity. But here the question arises: is the merit of the mayor and his team from the party of “Trust” or the consequences of decentralization, in which the city “fell” money, much of which, incidentally, was never mastered and went to the Bank for Deposit? So opinions are divided. Even geographically.

Most of all Trukhanov love on the settlement Kotovsk. Because this very young and high-rise district of Odessa city hall in recent years, pays special attention. Strategy, in principle, clear: the Poskot home to a significant portion of the population, ie, voters. And voters are not the most advanced in terms of political literacy. More recently, the old Odessa called this region “Globogym”, today the situation with the mentality of a little lined, but as someone who lived in different parts of the city, will tell you that “contingent feel.”

Much less Trukhanov love in the city center, where the problems of the residents more and more difficult to solve them. In the center, with its monuments, the old Foundation, worn-out communications, we need a rigorous and creative approach, one repair of sidewalks and highways sympathies of residents will not achieve. Here it is necessary not only to create close to the “city fathers” repair and construction company that wins all the requirements and to improve housing, restoration of buildings that tedious and not so interesting from the point of view of getting rich quick.

Again, suffering for the Odessa public men and the urban intelligentsia from the current mayor is also clearly not happy. And it’s not even that the inhabitants of Odessa always was suspicious to “Melih” — state power. The situation with current Odessa “Melih” reason seen more as illegal construction, the demolition of monuments of architecture, the manipulation of the city’s money.

So it will be in Odessa, Trukhanov if “tidy up” strange people, just aliens from the planet NABOO? Sorry if someone? I think that’s unlikely. Here my only regret is that gone are the days of De Ribas and Richelieu, people who looked at the city not as a business, but as the love of his life…