In Odessa representatives of different public organizations went to “storm” the Embassy of the Russian Federation. It happened because of yesterday’s incident under the Kerch bridge. Security forces arrived on time. They began to restrain the radicalism of the protesters.

In one of the cities of Ukraine the situation is under Embassy of the Russian Federation
began to deteriorate. On the morning of 26 November near genkonsulstva Russia are gathered
about 200 people, who started the rally, reports “Диалог.UA” with reference to
the newspaper “Journalist”.

It is noted that the action was organized by representatives of a number of
public associations. Among them was a noticeable “Right sector”, “Automaidan
Odessa”, “Nazarus”, “Self”, “Street front” and others.

They gathered to protest against yesterday’s
capture Russian sailors. The activists demanded a full-scale liquidation of the Consulate General. They attached a Ukrainian flag to the building and
put the stickers in the form of the flag of Ukraine. Also they were holding different posters
appeals to stop the Russian Federation.

However, this protester was not enough. They tried
to enter the building to interview with the Consul, but they refused to admit,
citing the fact that today not visiting day. By this time already arrived
security forces, who began to secure the building. But the protesters began to blow
firecrackers. In addition, some began to climb over the fences and even throw
smoke bombs.

Thus, the Ukrainian security forces trying to hold
radical protest and do everything possible to avoid victims.

We will remind, several days earlier in one of the courts of Odessa there were mass
massacre. In addition, the Kremlin wants to repeat the scenario
Donbass to Kharkiv and Odessa.