The group “South” of the Professional football League in the season 2020/21 can be extended at least five new clubs. If “Aksay” and “Vainakh” last year took first and second places in the League below level, “Essentuki” and “Tuapse” competed in the regional competition, and “Forte-Taganrog” is created from scratch. To include in structure of participants of the championship the teams will have to get a license.

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Professional football League (PFL) is the third tier of Russian football — pre-season-2020/21 will undergo significant changes. Instead of the five traditional areas (probably now they will be called groups) only have four “the Centre”, “West”, “Ural-Volga region” and “South”. Was eliminated, “East”, where in recent years competed in only six clubs. Now the team of Siberia and the Far East will be distributed to other groups. The winners, as before, will receive tickets to the Football national League (FNL).

There is a risk that the number of professional clubs in these regions will shrink even more. For example, we know about the financial problems of “Sakhalin”. But the necessity of long flights increase the cost of the Eastern teams.


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Difficulties of a similar nature experienced by many old-timers in the other groups. The Russian football Union (RFU) has not yet given approval for the licensing of “Kolomna”. Last fall it was reported about the upcoming disbandment of the club “Lada-Togliatti”. Stopped their performances in the PFL club from the Samara region “Syzran-2003” and Moscow “Ararat”. Doubt remains start in the upcoming championship and other teams.

An island of relative prosperity in the current situation, it is “South”. Unlike other groups, there is projected a significant increase of participants. However, next season, among them will be the Vladikavkaz “Spartak”, which last 16-th place.

After the dissolution of the club, its staff was redirected to work in a football Academy. Quite possibly somebody employed in the “Alania”, which wants to rise in Germany. And having two professional teams of the city was not under force. But to replenish the division may have several teams. Among them are immigrants from Amateur football and created from scratch.

The South of Russia has always been famous for original teams and skilled craftsmen. It is no coincidence that the Kuban in Soviet times was one of the best training centres of country clubs in the offseason. In our time a significant impetus to the development of football in the region gave Sergey Galitsky — owner of “Krasnodar”. And built on the money of the entrepreneur stadium is rightly among the best in the world.

The likely arrival of a group of “southern” new teams from Krasnodar territory, Rostov region, Stavropol territory and Chechnya, of course, does not mean that some of them just repeat the success of “bulls”. However, the expansion of football, involvement in the section local boys such a trend may, of course, to contribute.

250-thousand Taganrog more than half a century was presented in the lower leagues of USSR and Russia club “torpedo” (formerly FC them. Artem “Zenit” and “Tractor”). In this command, in the 1990s appeared with Dmitri Kirichenko and Igor Ledyakhov. In 2004, it ceased to exist. And in 2006-m was established FC “Taganrog”. It lasted until 2015, when it closed due to financial problems.

The revival in Taganrog professional football head of city administration Andrey Lisitsky said at a press conference on 27 December 2019. The General sponsor was the company “Forte”, whose title and moved the team.

In January of this year, the Taganrog had their first test matches at the training camp in Sochi. Coaching post entrusted to the native of the city a well — known former striker Kiev “Dynamo” “Kuban” and the national team of Russia Alexey Gerasimenko. The latter assured that “the goals and objectives are serious and doable, and the team in the new season will stand a fighting unit”.

The club already has an official website and an account on the statistical portal Transfermarkt. The roster, however, there appear only two acquisitions.

To may “Fort of Taganrog” was admitted to the licensing in PFL. Simultaneously with it in the League tentatively approved the application and the other two potential recruits — “Tuapse” and “Essentuki”.

In favor of the appearance of PFC in the Stavropol region suggests at least the existence of a good infrastructure. During the 2018 world Cup in the Philippines for three weeks was based Nigeria national team. Saying goodbye to the resort, the coach of “superglo” Gernot Rohr admitted that, apart from the stadium, he liked the “friendly and welcoming people, beautiful nature, mineral springs”. Subsequently, at the open two years ago, “Essentuki Arena” trained “Anji”, “Mashuk” and other clubs.

At the request of “Essentuki” on Transfermarkt yet listed only one player — midfielder Alexander Arsaev known for performances for the Vladikavkaz “Spartak”. The official website of the club yet, as well as signs of activity in social networks.


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“Tuapse” in the season of 2019 competed in the championship of Krasnodar Krai among Amateur teams where not able to achieve considerable success: the team finished only eighth place in the 4th group (or 38th among all participants of the tournament). However, the chances of the inclusion of participants from the PFL club is quite high. In may, the football Federation of Krasnodar region sent a petition to the RFU on the admission of Tuapse to the passage of licensing.

“The emergence of a new professional club will contribute to the development and promotion of football in the Krasnodar territory, the construction of a new football infrastructure”, — said in the appeal addressed to the Secretary General of the RFU Alexander Alievu.

According to the authors, the appearance of the team in the third rank of the League of Russia “a positive impact on grassroots football”. According to available information, the formation of “Tuapse” will former sports Director of “Kuban” Eugene Kracik.

Another alleged novice group — “vine” of Shawl — in recent years, at the same time acted in superiority of Russia among Amateur teams (third division, fourth level League) in the zone of “southern Federal district-North Caucasian Federal district” and the championship of Chechnya, where a is a multiple title holder. The team with the same name played in the Soviet period in the championship of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, where he achieved success. In 1991, he managed to climb to the Second League of the USSR. In the championship for the saliency was played, a number of players who have been in the future known: Timur Dzhabrailov, ISA byte and others. However, the following season was for the “Vainakh” the last in the composition.

The revival of the “Vainakh” was held in the mid-2000s. In the season-2019/20 club for the first time since the draw-1992/93 started in the Russian Cup. In the final table of the championship of Russia in the third division saliency was finished in second place, behind Aksay of Rostov region. According to some, Vaynakh enters into the structure of Grozny, “Akhmad” that seems the logical decision from a financial point of view.


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As for “Aksay”, he last year won the final tournament for teams of third division in Sochi. It was believed that the team has outgrown the Amateur level and is ready to start among professionals. In October, the founders registered ANO “the Football club “Aksay 2020”. However, according to unofficial data, the main sponsor having financial difficulties because of the pandemic coronavirus.

The timing of the start of the championship-2020/21 yet to be announced. According to the coach of Makhachkala club “Legion Dynamo” Ahmad Magomedtagirova season in the “South” starts in the middle or end of August.