The first Deputy of the mountains. Council
(first in the list on the website CPDA) changed for so long
career several factions, was on both sides of the opposition and managed to contradict
myself, let’s deal.

Under our
sight got Andreev– a typical MP
The Kyiv city Council from the faction
“Solidarity”, member of the Commission on the questions of municipal ownership, it is seen
for truancy and “greasefest”
(like many), former acting Director of the KP
“Kievblagoustroystvo”, began their journey of an ordinary teacher in high school.

Thorny and
the ambiguous path of political careerist, which occupies a leading place among
the “lighted” in the schemes of deputies of the KCSA. In anticipation of the new, very
probable election campaign, I want to share with you its complicated by:

Kaskiv – the Regions Party – the young wing of the party Chernovetsky – Alla Shlapak –
Komarnicki – the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko – team Name – and Palchevskogo

What we found, let’s review the chronology:

In 2008 he ran for city Council from the party “Pora” Vladislav Kaskiv

In the period from
2009 to 2011
the audit Commission of the trade Union Committee of the University NPU. Dragomanov. At the same time in the first and second rounds of the Presidential election,
which took place in 2010, helping the Party of regions in district headquarters to forge the victory of Yanukovych in Kiev.

In the period с2009 2014 – leader of the “young”
Chernovetsky team

And in 2012 the ranking
as Deputy chief of the
staff Shlapak in 221 County, was charged with
the theft of funds allocated for sugar
wool. In the same year, defending the honor and valor
his mentor all really Shlapak
from the teenager who at an awkward moment decided to make a video, tried to “squeeze” the tablet
“ASUS TF-101”. What got off lightly and
subscription about not departure.

2014 became the candidate of Impact
for the district in Solomenskiy area.

In the same 2014 thanks to the friendship with the team Chernovetsky our MP became an active supporter and member of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko (in future EU), in the same
year the Deputy “accidentally” is a business
hazardous waste collection, which Andrey Andreev does not have
and there are as many as 25% of the “Utraco group”.
Oh, this random business.

2018 Andreev more
moving closer to the mayor and begins to actively
support #comanducci publicly and social. networks, for example, one
time, all positions in the network were decorated with the emblem of the team.

In the period from 2018 to 2019 Andreev is the head of the headquarters of Petro Poroshenko.

2020a full 180 degrees
negativisation in current politicians remaining from the old regime,
dissatisfaction with colleagues from the EU, the decisions of the KCSA and the public statements about
disagreement with the direction of city development and much more. It seems our politician
really wants to join Palchevskogo and maybe even lead his staff in
overall it all looks very weird and different and absolutely contrary to all his previous
activities, policy and ideology.

Another interesting intermittency is observed in solutions
taken within the walls of KCSA. So Facebook it publishes
angry posts against the newly made tracks on Bandera Avenue,Pushkinskaya street etc., but in the lists of voters on
the plenary meeting in December 2019
(it was then claimed these tracks)a
and our now acting against the Deputy.