Champion of Ukraine in all respects were declassed teams of the Belarusian Extraliga.

DYNAMO – DONBASS 5:2 (2:0, 2:1, 1:1)

Goals: Gretzky (Mokhorev), 5:15 – 1:0. Efimenko (Nesterov, Kuchkina), 5:38 – 2:0. Kuchkin (Nesterov), 23:02 – 3:0. Deniskin (Smirnov, Skein), 26:21 – 3:1. Efimenko (bol., Durnov), 33:22 – 4:1. Mokhorev (Baden) 53:04 – 5:1. Lyalka, 55:43 – 5:2.

“Donbass” (Donetsk): Dyachenko. Ignatenko – Scripts, Attic – Fistula – Kirshenkov; Krispenz – Aleksandrov, Skein – Smirnov – Deniskin; Grigoriev – Firsov, Meadow – Karpenko – Kostikov; The Horde, Bridge – Mazur – Novikov.

20 Aug. Molodechno. The ice Palace.

“Donbass” once again pointed to his place in the European hierarchy.

And it is not necessary to clarify that the Cup Salei was friendly, because to the naked eye it was evident that the glorious hockey players representing Donetsk, the skill level of even lower middle peasants of the championship of Belarus. Where’s the EO to raise our age limit?

In the last match, the Ukrainians were defeated Dinamo Molodechno, which at this stage looks very good – no wonder after all, the Dynamo became the winners.

“Donbass” in the beginning got two goals, after which it became clear that our team will be the whipping boy. Mokhorev drove outside the gates of Ukrainians and threw the puck to the slot. There is Walnut, with a similar name, in the fight with the defenders managed to push a drive to the destination. It took only 23 seconds, and Dyachenko again took the puck with his frame. Nesterov again, behind the goal, passed the ball to the area of polozony where duty lone Efimenko. With its elegant cast under the right-hand bar the goalkeeper failed – 2:0.

In the opening stages of the second period Kuchkin, scoring from the slot with 3:0, finally decided the outcome of the fight. And even the washer performed Deniskina solves nothing. The team was more active, more elegant and most importantly – threw. Even before the second break Efimenko, having the most, scored twice – 4:1.

In the final period, the team has simply played, though not without goals. First Mokhorev, got the puck in the middle zone of Ukrainians increased the score up to 5:1 and then scoring at the patch played skein – 5:2.

“Donbass”, nothing for sipping, returns home and will prepare for a home Open Cup of Donbass.


Julius supler, the head coach of “Donbass”:

– It is good that here in Belarus we had the opportunity not only to train but also to counter the big clubs. Rivals showed their strength. We knew it would be hard, but points wanted to take more. In “Donbass” only one player is 25 years, and the other from 23 or less.

The team will learn and try. Our goal is not only to play well in the championship of Ukraine, but also in the Continental Cup. This team needs a little boost. We also want to experience to raise the Ukrainian players to the national team of Ukraine within a few years has risen higher in the world Cup.

Vladimir KOTSUR, Sport-Express in Ukraine

The final table


1. Dinamo Ml 7 4 0 1 2 27-14 16

2. Neman 7 4 1 0 2 14 27-15

3. Youth 7 4 1 0 2 23-12 14

4. Miner 7 1 4 0 2 16-12 14

5. Gomel 7 3 0 2 2 21-25 11

6. The Donbass 7 2 1 0 4 8 24-32

7. Belarus U-20 7 1 0 1 5 8-23 4

8. Metallurg 7 1 0 0 6 3 15-28