French equivalent of the Russian Railways company SNCF was established in 1938, and his centennial is planning to celebrate without the people on the rails. The French have announced not only the work on the project Autonomous trains with the launch of the prototype in two years, but a plan deep automation of the entire railway system. Why work people where it can make obedient robots?

The task is not to eliminate the profession of machinist, and in bringing the system of automatic control of the movement of trains up to the ideal. Today, especially in Paris, the situation is such that if the specific composition is delayed for 100 seconds, it will provoke a “Domino effect” and the huge tube. So we need an infallible authorities as part of the whole system and the people here – the weak link.

Approximately 25 percent of all French rail transport is already today it is possible to instruct the robot, eliminating human out of the control composition. It is the opinion of Alain krakovich, head of the SNCF Transilien. The driver perekvalifitsiruetsya in “the lifeguard”, which will intervene only in emergency situations. And leave the routine robots, they deal with it better.

Aircraft have long been flying between continents on autopilot, electric cars gently but insistently shove the man away from the steering wheel, and than worse? Here it is even easier to introduce a new level of automation, because the path messages and the schedule – everything is known in advance. But the SNCF have to emphasize: this is conceived not for the sake of profit and not out of a desire to gain fame the world’s first railway company that uses robots. No, all solely for the benefit of consumers.
Source — FranceInfo