The first of may in South Palmyra officially kicks off the holiday season and a huge number of people will flock to the coast of the Black sea. UNIAN learned, in what state are the beaches and how comfortable can be comfortable.

Until the end of 2019, all urban artificial beaches will switch to the use of privateers / photo UNIAN

Summer holiday for Ukrainians in Odessa the coast becomes more and more relevant. “Bezviz” has simplified the lives of all citizens, and someone is looking for budget holiday options. Beaches of South Palmyra prefer and the overwhelming number of local residents and tourists from neighboring countries. In the high season on the beach – not overcrowded…

It is known that in June-August the million population of Odessa, at the expense of newcomers, grows at least twice. It is clear that with such a demand, a statement from local authorities about transfer to rent of all artificial beaches to remain unnoticed could.

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In particular, according to the Deputy chief of legal Department of Department of municipal property of the city Council Valery, Mikulenko until the end of 2019, all urban artificial beaches will switch to the use of privateers. Talking about a very large area, from Langeron to the Big Fountain. Part of this area is already leased, and smart businessmen have established business here. For example, paid services, which officials had allowed to provide about two-thirds of each leased site.

Commerce is a variety of snack bars, rental of umbrellas, tents, “ride” on an inflatable banana or a parachute, etc. But the basic rate is an incredible number of plastic couch. They build on the sand, trying to capture the area from the water’s edge to the retaining wall. A kind of discreet service that residents squeezed into a small loose “noses”. Dissatisfied with the offer to get away or to fork out 100-150, and even a couple of hundred hryvnia for the rental of a single deckchair on a regular beach. Conflicts between tenants and visitors of this happen more and more often comes to fights. Bigboi, not fearing neither officials, nor the police, throwing things citizens in the “zone”, don’t hesitate nor older opponents, nor the presence of small children…

The beach on the 10th station of Big Fountain / photo Larisa Kosova

It seemed that the problem’s resolved in the last season. In connection with numerous complaints of citizens, the Department of municipal safety Council has carried out raids on the coastal strip. After this, the authorities announced the forced dismantling of trade stands, catering facilities and other structures installed on the sand. So, on the beach “the Seagull”, 10-th station of Big Fountain, a bulldozer demolished wooden decks, bungalows, box-office and even cafes. Joined by activists dismantled the set here a huge steel frame, and then a metal fence on the other beach “Otrada”, where merchants simply cut off a piece of the sandy zone in the area of cable car.

But it took quite some time and instead of the frame appeared a giant water slide. Plus the added “water rides” boats, scooters and, as a consequence, persistent smell of fuel. Other beaches – like history.

Clubs and “toilets”

The total length of the Odessa coast – more than 30 kilometers, of which approximately one third are deployed military, the port and other strategic facilities. About 20 kilometers are beaches from Chernomorka to Kryzhanivka (opposite to the suburbs). In their origin they are divided into two groups: natural and artificial. Just the latest in full, the city authorities want to lease.

According to the representative of Department of engineering protection of the city and the development of the coast Odessa city Council Vitaly Parfyonov, is more than 212 thousand square meters, which were built in the 60-70 years of the last century. Then the reason for the start of such large-scale works were landslides. During one of them – near the beach “Otrada” – it is about 20 million cubic meters of land. The other happened in the sanatorium them. Chkalova, owned at the time of medical-sanitary management of Ministry of health of the USSR. They say this became the impetus of anti-construction. His first turn (from Langeron to Arcadia) was completed in 4 years and cost the state budget at 16.3 million dollars. Another 20 years were spent on the second phase – from Arcadia to Cape the Big Fountain…

photo UNIAN

In total, the work covered the 12 miles of coast were reclaimed beaches have groynes and breakwaters, and coastal slopes landscape.

However, to date, the area washed beaches has declined significantly. The projected volume of sand washed away by storms, for example, part of the coast in the district of Big Fountain, and also between “Dolphin” and “Arcadia. Last year the townspeople were shocked, “stripped down”, “the Seagull” and several other beaches. According to the famous expert on the structures of Yuri Verba, the reason the original error during the design of anti-work.

“Imagine a crowd of sick people waiting to open the clinic. Here, the doctor came and delivered all the same diagnosis. And prescribed the same treatment. Also designed protection. A lot of mistakes,” says willow.

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He believes that the construction, for example, sea walls – pointless, as they have almost no influence on the force of the surf, but interfere with the normal circulation of sea water, as before the start of construction was stated by the biologists. In particular, Professor Ivan Puzanov warned that the breakwaters will break the exchange, as it will lead to environmental disaster. And so it happened. Now the areas, cut off from the open sea, between environmentalists call “toilets” filled with heat in a variety of elements of the periodic table, well, people and tourists…

“The main thing is prevented by sea walls, in addition to water exchange, this is the normal dynamics of sand. The fact is that during a storm the sand underwater to hold this barrier is not able to, and when the storm calms down, the breakwater becomes an insurmountable obstacle to the spontaneous return of the sand closer to the shore,” – said Yuri Verba.

Most of the breakwaters is better to completely disassemble, using their mega-blocks, for example, for the construction of the yacht club.

“The most reliable protection coast – wide beach, which requires accurate calculation. Then for any storm force waves will be liquidated…” – says willow.

In addition, the beaches of Odessa will periodically need to fill up. However, in areas with a complex configuration of sand will not hold tight bun. In fact, short of Buna – the second serious mistake of the designers of the artificial beaches of Odessa. According to Willow, they must be lengthened, but mostly only the underwater part.

Arcadia for some time now is more like not a recreation area and a shopping-entertainment venue / photo by UNIAN

Today, due to the short Boone Caledonia has lost a number of potential recreation areas: in the area of the sanatorium “Moldova”, a Large Fountain and Arcadia, which, for some time, more like not a recreation area and bald shopping site. Many environmentalists, activists and ordinary citizens lambasted the construction of this once heavenly place. Instead of hundreds of felled trees are arranged rows of stalls and rides. Live plants were replaced with plastic palm trees, and the elite (and not) clubs have closed the Black sea. The passage on the coast is limited. But you can relax by luxurious pools, of course, to pay for the hire of the loungers a lot of money – up to 400 UAH.

“Business in the sand – a direct path to the loss of beaches”

According to Vitaly Parfyonov, currently out of 212 thousand square meters of artificial beaches in rent – about half (98 thousand). Officials believe that, handing over to private owners the rest of the city Treasury will get a good profit. As noted by Parfenov, in 2017 in the local budget from the lease of beaches received UAH 8.3 million in 2018 – 11 million, and this year is expected to be 15-16 million in national currency.

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However, as environmentalists say, when it comes to income and environment, the primacy should be given to the nature, not earnings. According to the famous Odessa public man Yury Nikitin, the protection of the coastline, and the sea is very important for the recreation of citizens and attract tourists. Now, however, the capacity of all beaches does not exceed 60 thousand people, which for millions of the city (plus the influx of tourists) – is extremely small.

As noted by the head of public organization “Green leaf” Vladislav Balinsky, it is unclear why the city generally went for the scheme of profit from the beaches. “The amount that state is negligible compared to the 10-billion budget, and beaches – the face of the city. They need to be tidy and adequately contain to attract to Odessa tourists from other cities and countries,” he said.

But even good initiatives often run into the “corruption and deadlock”. For example, wooden decks. According to experts, first, they allow to make special efforts for the proper condition of sand areas. Secondly, rule out the attempts of people to settle near the sea on the litter.

tenants perceive the beach as the property / photo Larisa Kosova

Community focus: the beach area must remain free, and all entertainment facilities, catering facilities and other structures need to move beyond the retaining wall.

“Business in the sand – a direct path to the loss of beaches,” – say the experts.

According to the lawyer Svetlana Popova, tenants perceive the beach as the property and fail to understand that it’s shared. In an effort to maximize profit, they limit people’s access to the sea. “In addition, the beaches rent as structures built in the 1960s, and appropriately evaluated. That is, start from the book value not the land and property at the time of the transfer to use. In the end, the budget gets a small amount,” – said the lawyer.

Embankment near Lanzheron beach / photo UNIAN

She stressed that the installation of couch (albeit in the leased area) without a request of a particular client is illegal. “The couch is the service and before the consumer ordered it, it is a subject that prevent to move along the beach – common areas”, she said.

Similarly, the arrangement of tents, bungalows, floors, tables and other equipment covering the sand.

In other words, with the opening of a new beach season, conflicts are inevitable. People and is now the most a handful, refusing to pay for sun loungers and other “blessings of civilization”. When the lease will cover the remaining artificial beaches, social tension in Odessa will only grow, which considerably spoil the image of “black sea pearl”. To restore order on the coast you only need the desire and will of the leadership of the city. After all, Odessa is a lot of potential. The city could hold a prominent place on the map world famous cities-resorts.

Larisa Kosova, Odessa