Journalist Vyacheslav Pikhovshek in the program “Subjective results” on the channel NewsOne, which was released on August 12, focused on the fact that the petition to the President regarding the investigation of corrupt activities of the FFU and its head Andrei Pavelko scored more than 25 thousand votes.

This means that Poroshenko needs to take under personal control the investigation into the embezzlement Pavelko and his associates 160 million UAH of the state funds, to initiate a series of tests.

Also Pikhovshek said that the story of the illegal actions of the head of the FFU has received international publicity. So, material on corruption Pavelko was published, authoritative Swiss publication – journal with nearly a century of history “L”Illustré”.

The author, respected journalist Arnaud Beda (Arnaud Bédat), describes how the President of the FFU, with the assistance of the company-“strip” from the UAE brought in the offshore almost a million dollars from the credit of the League in four million euros for the construction in Ukraine of a plant for the production of artificial grass.

Arno also draws Parallels with the scandal at FIFA in 2015, when Joseph Blatter signed a contract similar to the one that pulled Pavelko, head of the Caribbean football Union Jack Warner, which led to a lifetime suspension from the latest football activities.

The journalist suggests that UEFA should follow the sanctions against Pavelko.

Let us add that the material of the Swiss actively replicated leading magazines in Europe:

According to the materials of NewsOne