Have you ever had a desire to go to drive circles around the block at 3am just because of the fact that the baby is miraculously asleep during the car ride? The problem is so relevant for parents in developed countries that the American auto giant has developed the Max Motor Dreams — crib for the baby’s full-motion simulation in the car.

Vibration from the engine, rocking on potholes, secure locking in a child seat, the combination of smells and sounds. What is the key factor, which is so fast and sweet baby falls asleep in the car? A clear answer is not found till now, so Ford just developed a system that imitates the atmosphere of your family transport. Especially if he purchased from Ford – advertising is advertising.

Structurally, the Max Motor is Dreams cot with vibrating mattress, audio system and intelligent lighting. Parents need to initially spend some time and record the parameters of a real car in that situation when the baby falls asleep best. The data are stored and auto-crib is trained to reproduce the creaking of chairs, occasional spots of light from the traffic lights, swinging from worn shocks, because the family due to the birth of a child has no funds to repair them, etc.

The main advantage of a novelty that parents don’t need to sit behind the wheel of a real car, desperately struggling with sleep, and not even need to portray the trip. Lie down next to the crib and relax, you deserve it. Max Motor Dreams would not be a panacea in the care of infants, in the company of straight text said that this is a one-time project. However, this part of the new Ford dedicated to the symbiosis of the car and the families within it may appear more practical development.

Source — Ford