KIEV. August 13. UNN. During April-June parliamentary political parties collectively spent 150,2 million. Most of the funds, a third of the entire amount was used to pay for promotional materials, namely 46,3 million UAH. This was reported by the Committee of voters of Ukraine, reports UNN.

Most of the is spent IN “Batkivshchyna” – 24.8 million UAH. Of these, 20.8 million UAH. was spent on advertising on television and 3.7 million on outdoor advertising (billboards, citylights). In second place on the cost of advertising “Self-help” – 6.6 million Traditionally most of the party sent to the party newspaper 5.4 million, Almost a million was spent on advertising on TV and radio.

The radical party, Oleg Lyashko spent is 6.5 million More just 4.7 million was spent on television advertising. A significant amount is also spent “the Opposition bloc” – 4.2 million including 3.2 million was spent on advertising on TV, 1 million on outdoor advertising.

BPP spent on advertising 3.1 million, “people’s Front” – 0.9 million

Thus, advertising was directed 78% of the total costs IN the “Fatherland”, and 49% RPL, 27% – “Opposition bloc”, 21% – “mutual aid”, 10% – BPP, 4% – NF.

“Self”, “the Opposition bloc”, MCHP, NF spent to pay for advertising of public funds, “Batkivshchyna” – combined public funds with private money games.

With regard to other expenses, the party also spent money on the maintenance of cells (27.6 million), salaries (22.6 million), payment of services and material costs (21.4 million) and rent (16.3 million).

Recall that in 2018, only three current MPs of Ukraine rested in the institutions under the management of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.