Abkhaz separatist involved in Odesa provocations aimed at the separation of the region from Ukraine. But directly behind him is the top leadership of the Russian Federation.

Riots in Odessa, which occurred on may 2, 2014, which killed 48 people, became a certain catalyst for the war in the Donbass. All Russian TV channels and Internet resources dispersed information that “Bendera burned people” in the House of trade unions. Pro-Kremlin propaganda and its agents in Ukraine have put a lot of effort to spread among Ukrainian citizens of the seeds of discord, saying that if not for the Maidan if Yanukovych was not driven away, nothing would have happened. And Moscow, of course, nothing to do with it. Needless to say, among the militants “DNR”/”LNR”, who fought in the Donbass, a lot of people from South of Palmyra.

Pro-Russian rallies in Odessa – the result of the work of the Kremlin and the KGB in Ukraine. Once won in Kyiv Euromaidan in Moscow immediately along with the annexation of Crimea began to develop scenarios with the rejection of Ukrainian regions, where a large number of Russian-speaking population. The same Odessa “vparivali” from multiple “needle” drugs of different types: 1) intimidating scary “Bendera” and “pravosekov”, 2) “obetovannye” (“grandfathers fought against Hitler and you wear the St. George ribbon and forward – killin ‘Nazis”), 3) encouraging: “fight against the Maidan protesters, is separated from the Ukraine and will get Russian citizenship, wages and pensions in Russia”.

Odessa drugged, like a zombie, ran these meetings with illusory thoughts about that go for a cause, for the welfare of their families.

It is noteworthy that the tragedy of may 2 occurred at a time when the Odessa euromaidan and anti-Maidan supporters going to agree. And the memes on the Internet about “kebab” originally referred not to directly burned in the House of trade unions… the fact that the representatives of the opposing camps have started to negotiate and have decided to strengthen the truce campaign “in the kebabs”. But as this was on the Euromaidan, as soon as the citizens of Ukraine from antagonistic camps about something to agree, and to alleviate the degree of tension, as out of nowhere appeared a strange personality with some bandages (or without them), surprisingly well armed and very aggressive. In Kiev ended with a hundred of victims in Odessa, five tens, in the Donbass thousands of… and does not stop until now.

Who sent these provocateurs? Who financed them, armed, coordinated, were given the job?

As the years passed, conducted various investigations, and each time it was clearly visible over the tragedy in Odessa that is the Kremlin’s ears. The ears were quite large, and talked to their owner with a Caucasian accent. This story is deeply rooted in the Russian-Georgian crisis, when “big brothers” from Russia has not only helped the Georgians to solve the problem of separatism on its sovereign territory, but also strongly picking at a bleeding wound, tearing off the pieces of the independent state of Georgia, which a few years ago recognized their predecessors as an independent.

In the early 90-ies after the collapse of the USSR, Moscow revanchists, who lost control of a number of former republics, came up with the ideas of revanchism and bet on separatists in the formed independent States. Skillfully playing on the contradictions of different ethnic groups in Georgia, they have increasingly exacerbated the crisis and bring the situation to a military conflict.

It was at this time in Sukhumi, the light appeared Inal Ardzinba, a relative of the first “President of Abkhazia” Vladislav Ardzinba. Relatives from childhood set him on the fact that the main enemies of the Abkhazians – Georgians, backed by “angry” Americans. As for Russia, it’s definitely a “brotherly” country, which the Abkhazians helps.

Infusing the Abkhazians and Ossetians hope for joining the Russian Federation, inciting them all the more hatred towards Georgians, as well as to Western countries, the Kremlin’s would-be strategists are a little worried about the welfare of those living in the territories of the so-called “Abkhazia” and “South Ossetia”. And brought these two enclaves to the fact that they were unrecognized areas of stagnant economy. But in the face of Moscow has received two Outpost, which you can use to “take revenge” rebellious Georgia.

As for Ardzinba, he grew loyal to Putin’s soldiers and helped their older relatives to “build” a Republic, although this area all international laws remained part of Georgia. It is not known exactly what function it performs in Sukhumi during the war of 2008, however, his cooperation with the authorities of the Russian Federation can be traced with the naked eye, with the leadership of the Russian Federation yet then drew attention to the promising young “expert”, so he turned a rapid rise.

Later, Ardzinba became the adviser of the President of Russia for interaction with public authorities in the company “Rosgosstrakh”. In 2013, he has headed the Russian delegation at the summit “Youth summit” in St. Petersburg and the summit of “Youth eight” in London. And in 2014, when Moscow “squeezed” from the Ukraine, the Crimea and fomented a bloody war in the Donbas, Inal became a full-time official of the Putin administration, and if, before the war he was in charge of the interaction with the CIS countries, including Ukraine, in 2014 he switched specifically on the Ukrainian question, taking up “questions of interaction with Ukraine and the self-proclaimed DND and LNR”.

It is known that in the beginning of the confrontation, Moscow was planning to invade not only Crimea and the Donbass, and the whole left-Bank Ukraine and the southern region of our country, including Odessa. The tragedy, which occurred on may 2, 2014 in the House of trade unions, Arzinba also has a direct bearing on what was seen from the merged correspondences Kremlin officials close to Putin with their like-minded separatists in Ukraine.

It became known that the riots that began in the spring in Odessa, supervised from the Kremlin, and one of the key figures of this mayhem was just Ardzinba, he was entrusted with the distribution of funds. Then Moscow to allocate money to the Odessa separatists to organize the separation of the region from Ukraine with the proclamation of the same flawed “Republic” as it is now formed in Donbas.

Later, when it became clear that “ONR” form will fail Ardzinba and the Kremlin, the authorities decided to go the other way: to tear from Ukraine, at least part of the Odessa region through the formation of the Bessarabian “Republic”. This idea in Putin’s lackey also failed.

In may 2015, the SBU handed over to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine materials, confirming the involvement of the Inal Ardzinba to the implementation of the crimes on the territory of Ukraine. Along with Vladislav Surkov, Sergei Shoigu, Ramzan Kadyrov and other improvised Putin Ardzinba was in the “black list” of Ukraine.

November 6, 2015 the Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region began an investigation in absentia against Ardzinba in connection with the attempt to change the state border of Ukraine. In addition, Ardzinba was declared in the international search.

Spoke repeatedly about the Ardzinba and the Governor Odesschiny Mikheil Saakashvili: the politician has repeatedly accused him that he is coordinating Pro-Russian provocateurs in Odessa.

The Russian side has for several years strongly protested against the involvement of Ardzinba to the events of may 2, the project “Bessarabia”, the war in the Donbas and other illegal activities in Ukraine. Known pigliare from the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on the occasion of the accusations against the Abkhaz sidekick even joked.

“Honestly, I wanted to meet in person with Inal Ardzinba, with this Superman, which, on the one hand, he influences the state borders of Ukraine, and to cope with which, according to Mr. Saakashvili, can exclusively doubled grouping quick response,” she said.

That is, Mary pretended that he did not know Ardzinba! And this was an obvious lie. Photo from the Kremlin, where Inal is in the company of Putin, Surkov, and also close to the Kremlin show-sang type of a novel, suggests that odious Zakharova blatantly lying: she could not want to meet with the Abkhaz separatists, as they knew it is not the first year!

And if the first evidence of the involvement of Ardzinba to provocations in Odessa were heard from the lips of Ukrainian politicians, then after a while it began to speak Russian and Pro-Russian resources.

Well-known anti-Ukrainian newspaper “Ukraine.Ru” in the end of 2016 published an article which clearly stated: “the resignation of the head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikhail Saakashvili caused by the operation, which was coordinated by the Kremlin official said Inal Ardzinba”.

And last week a loud insider about the crimes of Russian authorities in Ukraine shared close to the Kremlin telegram-channel “Nesigur”.

According to him, the representative of the Abkhazian clan and a member of the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov Inal Ardzinba directly involved in the plan of destabilization in Odessa. With his direct participation there were tragic events on 2 may. Although, then, Ardzinba could not create the “Odessa Republic”, Moscow used the bloody events to information “lick” Ukraine.

Merged correspondence, as well as evidence already the Russian side say that the tragedy of may 2 was arranged in the presidential administration of Russia.

Now Ardzinba left Surkov as a result of serious conflict, and over to the Patriarch of the schismatic Kirill Gundyayev. Maybe soon it will be followed by another provocation, only now with religious overtones.

Now, looking at everything that has happened, I want to ask those who went to the Pro-Russian rallies in Odessa: is it worth it? Do you not understand that you simply “dissolved”? Played on your nostalgia for the Soviet Union, on your trust Russia intimidated mythical Nazis who seized Odessa, as promised then all Kremlin-TV… Not nostalgic for Russia, people, this is not the same Russia, which we once constituted a single state. Putin’s Russia is a mutant. This Lubyanka monster with “clean hands and a cool head,” which in the eyes of you smiling and flattering, but the language of his false and evil thoughts.

Remember, the Odessa, what are you still citizens of Ukraine. And what would neither was your claim to power, don’t need to go on about the special services of other States and to dismember their country. In order not to drown in the depths of Odessa “Russian world”, had 48 victims. But Lugansk and Donetsk were less fortunate – for their salvation is not enough, and several thousand victims. Look at these destroyed cities and feel like you are lucky that your city did not repeat their fate.

As previously wrote “Диалог.UA” the defendant in the case about the riots on may 2 in Odessa Ilnitsky was on the territory of Russia.