For the United States are a threat 50 countries – state DepartmentPhoto:

United States see the danger in States that can attack information

15.03.19 15800

The head of the policy planning the state Department Kiron Skinner, speech at the Center for strategic and international studies, said that the potential threat to the U.S. today represent 50 countries. It is reported by CSIS.

The state Department official did not name specific countries, but noted that can cause damage to the United States and cause concern of the American authorities.

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She pointed out that the threat is not only the States possessing nuclear weapons, but also those who might attack US in the information and economic space.

Skinner said that “the main challenge” for the United States will be the developing countries that have already joined or may join the nuclear club.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • The Pentagon believes that in the coming years and decades we should expect lower military threat to the United States from Russia, but at the same time to build up its from China.
  • At the same time, today Russia is “the only existential threat to the country.” This was stated by the head of strategic command of the United States John Khayten.