The stop happened in 2017 – this has led to the forced departure from the city its residents, nonpayment of wages, even failing to buy food for schools.

One of the largest enterprises of industrial complex of Ukraine with a full metallurgical cycle – Dnieper metallurgical plant in 2017 stopped production because of the implementation of the schemes, which are used for withdrawal of funds from the enterprise and the organization of bankruptcy proceedings.

It is reported by “channel 5” investigative programme “Special look”.

In this case, stop the main enterprise led to the forced departure from the city of its inhabitants in search of work. The city had nothing to pay social payments – primarily wages – even to purchase food in schools. This was stated by first Deputy mayor Kamensky Alexander Chernyshov.

“With 1 billion 600 thousand UAH – that we have the total budget, revenue of about 350-400 million. That is, in principle, a very significant part. And when in 2017 were interruptions in supply of raw materials for certain reasons, and when 2-3 months combine, in principle, does not work… the local budget was difficult. Even social guarantees simply your to pay. It is wages, this medicine and nutrition at schools and kindergartens, payments for energy. We were even forced to take (means – 5.UA) in the Treasury of the court,” he said.

According to journalists, the shutdown of enterprises occurred in 2017, when the Director General of ISD Oleg Mkrtchyan, who was later arrested in Russia for fraud, along with his relative Rafik Dau nearly destroyed the company.

According to the published scheme, the Dnieper metallurgical plant at the direction of the CEO “Industrial Union of Donbass” Oleg Mkrtchan received funds from Lebanese customer Rafic daou (which, according to the media associated with by Mkrtchyan family ties) for production. However, after receiving them, the money was transferred to the company with a Cyprus residence permit, thereby leaving the plant without working capital, which forced to stop production.

However, the scheme that led to the stop of the Dnieper metallurgical plant, according to journalists, is not yet complete. Despite the fact that the new management brought the mill from the “nosedive”, the debt of the former managers can once again put the company on his knees. Now the company that gave funds DMK, which was then withdrawn in the Cyprus company, require to return them.

“International Transit S. A. L. Offshore (Lebanon) requires STC to pay back the advance in the amount of $38 million And more than 1 billion UAH. The court’s decision in favor of a foreign company may lead to bankruptcy of the plant”, – stated in the material.

It is also reported that according to the Director of the Dneprovsky iron and steel works Aleksandr Podkorytov, the metallurgical plant is not meant to stop – we are talking about the technological inability to start the power plant after they stop.