Liverpool and Tottenham are among the contenders for the trophy in the Champions League, “Arsenal” and “Chelsea” will compete for the League Cup of Europe.
Arsenal hosted Napoli and reached the Europa League semis / REUTERS

Four English teams reached the semi-finals of the European Cup tournaments this season. Such a result English clubs have not reached 35 years, from the 1983/1984 season, according to Opta Sport.

Note that in the semi-finals of the Champions League has left Liverpool and Tottenham, then the semi-finalists of the Europa League began, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Read tacuaral left no chances for Napoli, Chelsea conceded three goals from Slavia in the battle for the semi-finals of the Europa League

In the season 1983/1984 European Cup years also four English teams made it to the semifinal stage, though there was just three of the tournament, instead of two as now. Then Liverpool reached the semi-finals of the Champions Cup, “Manchester United” has appeared in four of the strongest in the Cup winners ‘ Cup, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Nottingham forest FC in the UEFA Cup. In the end in the season, the British managed to win two trophies: the victory in their tournaments was won by the “Liverpool” and “Tottenham”.

Recall that in the semi-finals of the Champions League will play “Barcelona” – “Liverpool” and “the Ajax” – “Tottenham” and in the Europa League for tickets to the final will face Chelsea against Eintracht and Arsenal against Valencia.