For hidden advertising is the “right” drugs the pharmacy network take almost 200 million UAH per month – media

KIEV. 20 Nov. UNN. In Europe one person can not own a large number of pharmacies. At the same time, the number of pharmacies “in one hand” law is not regulated. This led to the creation of large pharmacy chains and to unfair collusion in the market, writes “Mirror of week”, reports UNN.

It is noted that in this way a large number of pharmacies operated by one person, and under these conditions, the supplier is easier to agree on the promotion of the drug.

“Pharmacies recommend to buyers of a certain drug that brings the most profit. According to market participants, such hidden advertising pharmacy network take almost 200 million hryvnia per month”, — writes the edition.

Ultimately, for such a “pharmacy business” pay ordinary Ukrainians, and not only money but also their health.

“Firstly, the Ukrainian patient is paying for “customized” drug, which certainly is cheaper counterpart. Second, a profitable drug may not be suitable for treatment of his illness. Finally, the patient goes to a pharmacist with the hope that he will help him to choose the most effective and affordable drugs. Instead, the buyer manipulated in order to sell a profitable to the pharmacy network the drug,” notes the article.

As a consequence, many medicines in Ukraine is more expensive than in Europe, and lower prices are possible only through the elimination of monopolies.

“If you restore fair competition, the cost of drugs will decrease. With the disappearance of the large pharmacy chains lost the possibility of collusion supplier seller” — summarizes the author.

We will remind, the Ukrainian policy has submitted to the Parliament a bill on the reform of the pharmacy market (No. 8591). In it, the authors just proposed to limit the number of pharmacies from one owner to 4 institutions, or up to 8 facility, if the pharmacy will have licensed the manufacture of drugs within the same region.

Categorically against the initiative of deputies were made by the representatives of large chain pharmacy business. For fear of losing its monopoly position on the market, they are actively discredited rules of the proposed “pharmacy law” in the media, says Elena Prudnikova.

The expert notes that small and medium-sized pharmacy business strongly supports the proposed Parliament, “pharmacy” bill, because its provisions can stop the discrimination of small pharmacies in the market.