Saturday. Kharkov. The RSC “Metalist”. Shakhtar – Dynamo – 0:1. Photo:

Shakhtar before the game with “Dynamo” began the banner of war in the infamous style of Mariupol – though what Mariupol?

On the streets of the first capital, I emphasize, not of Ukraine, and the Soviet Ukraine, there was a banner depicting former player “Metalist” Marlos and taison with the slogan “Kharkiv – Dynamo.

Of course, where Shakhtar have more fans (or rather haters “Dynamo”). And historically, many refugees from Donetsk to Kharkov. Dynamo ultras, with far less PR opportunities, said banner network “Kharkiv vs Rinat”, recalled the demonstrations of the fans against the orange and black expansion in their hometown. Well, people do not stay aside and reminded that Kharkiv is actually not against but for. For Metalist.

Yet with the prefix “1925”, although not the fact that good-looking in the second League the club will be able quite confidently to walk on tournament levels and beyond.

By the way, the former owner of the “Metalist”, pressed it in favor of mudaliar Sergei Kurchenko Alexander Yaroslavsky is skeptical about the prospects of the club, created after the collapse of the old “Metalist”. Before the match, “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo”, he stressed:

I have always said, say and will say: I dream that Metalist has returned to Kharkiv. Now “Metalist”, which we know is a club with 90 years of history. Not “metallisticheskoy” surrogates, namely our “Metalist”.

The stadium has returned to Kharkov, one hundred percent was transferred to the regional state administration. It is important that these processes can be influenced. We have to return the brand. Hopefully, we’ll get him back…

Perhaps just about the Yaroslavl and talked before and after the match with the Chairman of the RSA Yulia Svetlichnaya, near which sat in the VIP box of the RSC “Metalist” on April 14…

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine