The chilling video from Costa Rica caused panic on the Network and has stirred up rumors about the approaching end of the world. On this mysterious flash illuminated the night sky.

The Network has already appeared the terrible images from Costa Rica, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The network has stirred up a new video of unknown luminous object in the sky. Ufologists have no doubt that this is another harbinger of the coming Apocalypse that will bring on our mysterious planet Nibiru.

The video was filmed in Costa Rica, the couple with the child during car trips. First he heard a terrible very loud increasing hum, and then in the night sky appeared a fireball, there was a very powerful flash. The impression was that doomsday has already arrived – family members began to cry from fear.

Earlier, a mysterious celestial object was observed in Russia. In Tolyatti the driver managed to remove the video of a fireball with a tail, which with great speed swept across the sky.

Skeptics believe that it was an ordinary meteorite, but fans of conspiracy theories do not believe it. According to them, this is another the messenger “planet X”, which will cause the end of the world. It will happen, according to their calculations, tomorrow, 28 April, at Easter.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” he reported that it became known the plans of Nibiru the planet, Africa will have the worst of all.