The Russian company BIO Architects has developed a prototype floating micro huts for living in the wild. The hut got the name ДД16, it is fully Autonomous (solar power plant) and can withstand extremely low temperatures.

The total area of floating homes – 16 square meters plus 7 meters built-in veranda. The hut is on pontoons and can move from place to place by helicopter or crane.

Now the prototype is located on a suburban lake and can be reached by boat. Inside ДД16 can find living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining table. A wood stove provides heat.

Frame huts made from laminated wood with insulation made of polyurethane foam. External finish made of tight-fitting aluminium composite panels.

All the energy you need ДД16 receives from the solar panels and collects water directly from the lake. To date, the prototype has already passed the first test of the winter temperatures, characteristic for the Russian conditions. Now the module is for rent, and at the same time continue testing – if they are successful, Autonomous micro cabin can go on sale. The residential module is not reported.

Source — Bio Architects